Performing Arts Wellness Program

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) supports dancers of all ages and abilities with our Performing Arts Wellness Program. We thoroughly evaluate each dancer and use the information to create a plan to help exceed your goals and expectations as you recover.

Dancers of all ages enjoy our Performing Arts Wellness Program. This targeted program offers everything you need to recover from injury, prevent reinjury and achieve your best performance level possible.

The plan that’s right for you

Injuries like stress fractures, sprains and strains and conditions like plantar fasciitis or tendonitis can make dancing painful. But we help get you back in shape with our customized Performing Arts Wellness Program.

Your treatment plan focuses on your unique goals and abilities. And once that plan is in place, we focus on helping you perform better and prevent further injury.

Targeted treatment for dance-related injuries

Our treatments are designed to help you:

  • Heal and prevent reinjury
  • Continue to master many performing arts techniques

Depending on your specific needs, your treatment may include:

  • Physical therapy targeted to dancers
  • Dance screening and technique assessment
  • Physical conditioning
  • Personalized dance rehabilitation
  • Education about posture and body mechanics to prevent injury

Dedicated facilities designed for dancers

Our Performing Arts Wellness Program offers specialized dance training equipment to help you achieve your peak performance level. In our dedicated dance studio, you have access to:

  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill®
  • A sprung dance floor
  • A ballet barre
  • Rotational discs
  • Pilates equipment

Specialized care team

Our team of physical therapists collaborates with a nationally recognized dance instructor with a master’s level education in physical therapy for dancers. This expertise helps us quickly diagnose your injury and plan treatment that helps you get back to dancing faster.

Your questions, answered

If you have questions about rehab at LVHN, we have answers. Call us at 888-402-LVHN (5846) or submit a message online.

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