Patient Success Stories

A grandmother, a former high-school football star, a roller derby all-star and a nurse navigator for LVHN’s weight-loss surgery program: These are just some of the people who have benefited from our comprehensive and supportive bariatric surgery program.

Read their stories to discover what they have to say about their decision to have weight-loss surgery and their experience at LVHN.

Weight-loss Surgery: Learning to Live with My Gastric Sleeve

Latisha was used to cooking for two. The problem came when she also started eating for two-even though her grown son was off to college. Before she realized it, her weight was north of 350 pounds and she couldn't enjoy her favorite hobbies like shopping. That's when she turned to the team at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono.

LaurieAnn Kapun: I Lost 130 pounds and cured my diabetes

LaurieAnn had the classic symptoms: thirst, tiredness, frequent bathroom visits. Nevertheless, when her doctor confirmed she had type 2 diabetes, she was surprised and scared. She read that patients who had bariatric surgery eliminated their type 2 diabetes and at more than 400 pounds, decided to attend a Free Info Event to learn more. The best news was when her husband agreed to join her. Read her story.

June Hinkle: I didn't want my weight to hold me back.

The birth of three grandchildren in just two days was a turning point for June Hinkle. She knew chasing after three toddlers at more than 250 pounds was going to be a challenge, and felt her best chance for permanent weight-loss was bariatric surgery. Within weeks of signing up for the program, she was learning to eat healthier and preparing to be "a fun grandma." And it worked. Read her story.

Gina Burton: I'm a nicer person now

Being overweight forced Gina Burton of Slatington to take medical leave from her job as a warehouse picker. Her sides, legs and feet hurt too much. When foot surgery didn't correct the problem, Burton, 30, figured losing weight might help. Read her story.

Tyler Krewson: Former High School Football star Tackles Weight Problem

Tyler Krewson, 26, of Pennsburg admits he's been overweight all his life. In high school, his size helped on the football field. But years later, the 5-foot-11-inch Krewson continued gaining weight, peaking at 440 pounds. After twin sons Koy and Koen were born in February 2015, his size prevented him from helping wife Krystal take care of the boys. "I couldn't get down on the floor to play with them or put on their shoes," Krewson says. Read his story.

Ashley Hottenstein: Weight-loss surgery and pregnancy?

For years, Ashley Hottenstein eagerly tried every new diet, hoping to melt away the extra pounds she'd struggled with since childhood. Two years ago at age 26, she finally admitted defeat.

"I weighed my highest – about 230 pounds," says Hottenstein of Bethlehem. "I had trouble climbing stairs, couldn't walk for long, and found it hard keeping up with my 2-year-old daughter, Giuliana. I was tired of clothes not fitting, not being comfortable with myself and worrying about developing health problems. I also wanted another child." Read her story.

Paula Meyers: My Weight-Loss Surgery Timeline

Inspired by her co-worker Kara Young, Paula Meyers underwent weight-loss surgery resulting in a life-altering transformation and a return to family activities such as hiking and swimming with her husband and sons. Read her story

Jillian Wexler: Sleeve Weight-loss surgery helps skater become Roller Derby All Star

Growing up, there were times Jillian Wexler was teased because of her weight. When she was 19, she took up Roller Derby, competing with the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls. She competes as "Stella Mac". She had hoped the demands of the sport would help her shed unwanted pounds but as her weight drifted towards 250 pounds, she decided to attend a Free Information Event offered by Lehigh Valley Health Network's Weight Management Center. After meeting Richard Boorse, MD and hearing about the successes of his other patients, she decided to have a sleeve gastrectomy.  Read her story.


Sandy Carwell: Weight-loss nurse navigator decides now is her time

As a nurse navigator for LVHN's weight-loss surgery program, Sandy Carwell meets with every patient and follows their success for five years. After observing how happy and active her patients were, she decided she was ready for sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve) surgery. After reaching her weight-loss goal (85 pounds) in just eight months, she is now busy channeling her boundless energy to her husband, kids, grandkids and her patients.  Read her story.


Carolyn Qammaz: How I Keep the Weight Off

Just a few years ago, Carolyn Qammaz got breathless answering the front door. Then in September 2012 she had laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery and lost 100 pounds. Today, she kayaks, roller skates with her 7-year-old grandson and runs with her 20-year-old daughter, Natalie. She's even planning to jump out of an airplane next year. Read her story.

Tanya Remaly Sheds 86 Pounds and Says Yes to the Dress

Tanya Remaly, a receptionist, wife, and mom was in a pattern of taking care of everyone and everything besides herself, she says. When she and her husband started making plans to renew their wedding vows, she wanted to look and feel different. She worked with a dietitian in preparation for 6 months, and then within 8 months of surgery she lost 86 poundsRead her story