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5 MyLVHN Timesavers

Learn how MyLVHN can save you time and keep you connected to your health information


Even if you don’t consider yourself “tech savvy,” you can easily access and use MyLVHN, Lehigh Valley Health Network's patient portal, from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Here are five ways you can use MyLVHN to keep track of your health and save time.

  1. Schedule appointments. When you have a non-urgent need, schedule your next appointment through MyLVHN. You can request which provider you want to see at your practice, and choose the days and times that work for you.
  2. Message your health care team. As long as it isn’t an emergency, send a short note to your provider’s team and ask questions about your care. If you need a reply more quickly than two business days, please call your provider’s office.
  3. See your test results. Most lab and imaging studies will be available to you as soon as the provider releases them or as soon as they are completed. (Note: Certain tests do take two to three weeks to complete.) If you haven’t received results when you anticipate them, send a message through MyLVHN or call your doctor’s office.
  4. Request Rx renewals. Click the medications icon, then select the prescription that needs to be renewed. If it is time to renew it (and you don’t need any tests before renewal), your provider will do so.
  5. Pay medical bills. Doing so is simple using MyLVHN. Click on the Menu icon and scroll to Billing. Select “Billing summary” to review your LVHN, LVPG or Coordinated Health bill. Complete your payment information and hit submit.

Other New Features in MyLVHN

  • Patient-entered questionnaires (PEQs). You may have already received a PEQ in advance of a recent doctor’s appointment. These electronic forms collect information that would otherwise need to be added to the electronic medical record at your appointment.
  • eCheck-In. Also known as electronic check-in, with eCheck-In you can confirm medications, allergies, etc., as well as pay your co-pay and complete PEQs that are assigned to you. When you arrive for your appointment, let the front desk know you have completed eCheck-In.

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