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Executive Health Program Provides Timely Comprehensive Care

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)’s Executive Health Program offers a one-day health care experience to optimize your health

Stacey Smith, MD

Your time is valuable and so is your health. Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)’s Executive Health Program provides anyone with a challenging schedule a comprehensive, personalized, head-to-toe assessment of screenings and tests all in one day. Internal medicine physician Stacey Smith, MD, with LVPG Internal Medicine, explains what you can expect from the LVHN Executive Health Program and how to schedule your appointment.

Give us an overview of Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Executive Health Program.

The Executive Health Program offers comprehensive, evidence-based assessments and health screenings. It offers the convenience of having a full health examination and testing in one day without sacrificing quality. Each study is selected to maximize illness detection while limiting unnecessary exposures.

Who would be an ideal candidate for the program?

The Executive Health Program is designed for any adult where their time is precious, such as executives, busy parents and caregivers. Patients with complex care who need onboarding to a network with specialty resources are also ideal candidates, especially for folks relocating to the Lehigh Valley. People who desire the convenience of care navigation follow-up, who are concerned about family history and have high-deductible plans can get more services through this fixed-cost option. Finally, I’d say the program is for patients or loved ones who have delayed their health care and have no idea where to start.

Where does the Executive Health Program take place, and are there any amenities at the site?

The Executive Health Program takes place in a private health care suite in the Health Center at Palmer Township, located at 3701 Corriere Road in Easton. It is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating, and a beverage and snack center.

Is LVHN’s Executive Health Program customized to the individual, and if so, can you offer examples as to how?

If the clinician determines a need for additional testing based on medical history, or results from diagnostic tests, that we can provide on the day of service – we will get it done! One example would be additional imaging for a suspected uterine tumor that was identified. 

Can you share with our readers the doctors’ expertise involved in LVHN’s Executive Health Program?

LVHN’s Executive Health Program is staffed by a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled board-certified clinicians. Clinicians are hand-selected in cardiology and internal medicine to provide the best clinical fit and patient experience. These include the chief of internal medicine, specially trained diagnostic technicians, and hand-selected obstetricians- gynecologists and cardiologists specifically trained in women’s health for our female clients.

Is there anything patients should do to prepare for their appointment?

One to two weeks before the scheduled assessment, we send an HNL Lab Medicine phlebotomist to visit the client’s home or office to draw blood samples. The night before the assessment, the client is asked to fast after 10 p.m.

What should someone bring with them for their appointment?

The client only needs to show up in comfortable clothing and walking shoes or sneakers. We provide the client with breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.

Can you take a patient through a typical day when they arrive for their screenings?

The client is greeted by the program navigator and escorted to the suite, where the client is introduced to the primary care clinician to review the day’s itinerary. The medical assistant takes vital signs before the client is escorted to the diagnostic suite for a series of imaging studies that include but are not limited to an abdominal ultrasound, carotid ultrasound, arterial vascular ultrasound, DEXA scan, and CT calcium score. A light breakfast is provided in the client’s private suite. The morning assessment continues with an audiogram and echocardiogram stress test. The primary care clinician conducts a medical history review, physical exam, vaccination review and skin cancer screening. After a healthy lunch, the client meets with our board-certified health and wellness coach, followed by a consult with our registered dietitian. The day is completed with an in-depth review of all test results.     

Please give a few examples of how these reviews are in-depth?

All tests and examinations are resulted, reviewed by an internal medicine physician, printed, and placed in a binder for the client to take home at the end of the day. One of the advantages of the program is the amount of time spent with the physician for the in-depth review. The doctor will make recommendations and answer any questions.

How does LVHN’s Executive Health Program help a patient develop a strategy to improve their health and quality of life?

The program includes one year of unlimited health coaching sessions facilitated by a national board-certified health and wellness coach, who can create a customized plan based on the client’s health goals. Coaching focus areas may include stress management, tobacco cessation, weight management, disease prevention, physical activity, resiliency, and more. In addition, the client receives one-year post-assessment of follow-up care navigation. Our care navigators assist with scheduling any diagnostic testing, primary care follow-up and appointments with specialists.

LVHN’s Executive Health Program is not covered by insurance, but speak about the value someone is receiving considering the range of tests and screenings performed and their convenience?

By bundling diagnostic testing we can provide our clients with substantial discounts. It allows clients with high-deductible plans access to diagnostic testing that would be a fraction of the price compared to standard pricing. All services on the day of assessment, including 12-month post-exam services, are a flat $3,900 fee. We offer convenient payment options, such as check, credit card, HSA funds, or you can invoice your company.

LVHN Executive Health

How can someone schedule an appointment with the LVHN Executive Health Program?

Clients can call the LVHN Executive Health Program manager at 484-225-9911

Or go here and complete an inquiry form.

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