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Ever feel like stress is getting the best of you? Are you finding it hard to cope with unexpected changes and challenges? Is it hard for you to find joy in what you do? Well, you’re not alone. Your resilience may need a tune-up.

Through the Growing Resilience with Mindfulness program being offered this fall by Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Center for Mindfulness, participants will be introduced to mindfulness and self-compassion, both of which have been shown to build resilience. With mindfulness, we learn to pay attention to the present moment with curiosity. Relaxation is one of the first benefits of this practice. We learn to see events as neutral and our reactions to them as within our control. With self-compassion, we can begin to treat ourselves with more kindness especially when things don’t go our way. This helps us to pick ourselves up when we fall and continue on our way. In other words, resilience.

A fall session of Growing Resilience with Mindfulness is being offered as an in-person format. The six 90-minute sessions will introduce you to a variety of formal mindfulness and self-compassion exercises to help grow your resilience. With the group, you will discuss the impact of the exercises as you develop practical skills for use at home and in the workplace or wherever you happen to be. A detailed manual is provided that includes background information and resources for continued practice.

Upcoming fall session

When: Wednesdays, Oct. 11-Nov. 15 
Time: 5:30-7 p.m.
Where: Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest, Kasych Family Pavilion, Richard Fleming Educational Conference Center, Room 10

To register for the six-week in-person program, please send an email to Preferred EAP.


Class is limited to 23 participants.


Growing Resilience with Mindfulness

This program offers an in-depth experience with mindfulness and self-compassion and is offered both in-person and virtually

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