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New Concussion Specialist Caring for People in Luzerne, Schuylkill Counties

Franckline Joseph, CRNP, offers focused trauma care

Franckline “Franckie” Joseph, CRNP

With more than 10 years of nursing experience in neurology and spine care, Franckline “Franckie” Joseph, CRNP, now offers focused concussion care in Schuylkill and Luzerne counties.

“I found working in spine and neuro very rewarding,” she says. “But at some point, I wanted to be able to catch people before their conditions worsened. I wanted to be more preventive, rather than reactive.”

Joseph has her Master of Science in nursing from DeSales University. Specializing in both concussion and head trauma, she uses diagnostic tools that are specific to concussed people. This helps her make sure they get the care they need and don’t reinjure themselves.

“We look at things like eye movement, gait and balance,” she says. “Care plans might include occupational therapy for concentration and cognition or physical therapy to help with balance and dizziness.”

Individuals of all ages come to Joseph from primary, urgent and emergency care and can be image negative or image positive. She provides monitoring in accordance with Pennsylvania’s return-to-play protocols, and, for more serious cases, she makes referrals to neurologists, ENT physicians and other necessary specialists. Joseph sees patients at LVPG Concussion and Head Trauma-Hazleton at the Health & Wellness Center at Hazleton, and LVPG Concussion and Head Trauma-Tunnel Road in Pottsville.

Joseph’s highest goal is to always be compassionate, empathetic and honest. “It’s important that patients have the right information to make decisions about their health,” she says. “I want them to know I care and that I understand what’s happened to them – even when they say they feel fine.”

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