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Why Your Yearly Gynecology Exam is One of Your Most Important Appointments

The Healthiest You Podcast: Episode 10

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Many women see their gynecologist on a yearly basis but still have lingering questions. For example, do you really need a Pap smear every year? What age should young women start seeing a gynecologist? Is there anything that can be done for symptoms of PMS? The latest episode of The Healthiest You covers all the questions you may have regarding women’s health but have never gotten around to asking. 

Andrew Shoemaker, MD, and Emily Brophy, MD, with LVPG Obstetrics and Gynecology, join Mike and Steph from B104 to talk about why women shouldn’t be skipping their yearly gynecology exam. Learn about everything from PMS to menopause in episode 10 of The Healthiest You Podcast.

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The Healthiest You podcast is hosted by familiar voices – Mike and Steph from B104. In each episode they will interview doctors and experts across Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) to learn practical health tips for everyday life – to empower you to be the healthiest you. 

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