One-Call Transfer Center

One-call transfer (24/7): 800-280-5524

Critical care – air and ground transfer:  For emergent transfer of patients, LVHN–MedEvac serves the regions of northeastern, southeastern and central Pennsylvania with four helicopters and two critical care ambulances. Use of MedEvac for routine transports is also possible and is made available on a case-by-case basis.

When you call the Transfer Center, you’ll speak with a specially educated triage RN who will gather clinical and basic demographic information about your patient and your transfer preferences. We automatically accept any acute critical transfer without requiring precertification.

The nurse will:

  • Locate an accepting physician
  • Transfer you to MedEvac Dispatch for aeromedical or ground ambulance transfer, if needed
  • Arrange for a bed in the appropriate level of care that will be ready when your patient arrives
  • Complete necessary registration paperwork, including financial information and precertification when necessary

The Transfer Center nurse will call you back with confirmation of acceptance and room assignment within 10 minutes. If there is a delay, you will receive a call within 10 minutes with further instructions.

COBRA/EMTALA regulations require that you have an accepting service, but they do not require that you speak with the physician directly.

The Transfer Center will contact the appropriate on-call physician for the specialty service. Lehigh Valley Hospital is the region’s leading referral center for: