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Pivotal Study of the Sonomotion Break Wave System for the Comminution of Urinary Tract Stones



The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of a hand-held ultrasound probe used to deliver bursts of low amplitude ultrasound waves (instead of traditional shock waves) to break up kidney stones from outside of the body.  This would allow treatment to occur in an office setting as opposed to a hospital operating room.


This study is intended for individuals who are need of kidney stone removal. In this research study, a new technology (called Break Wave) uses bursts of low amplitude (ultra)sound waves instead of traditional shock waves, to break up the stones.  The stone will be treated for no more than 30 minutes.  Participants will be asked (if awake) about whether they are experiencing any pain throughout the procedure.


Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria-including but may not be limited to:

To be eligible for the study, participants must have an isolated kidney stone within the upper urinary tract, visible with imaging, and measuring between 4 and 10mm.

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Please contact the Network Office of Research and Innovation at 610-402-9543.

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