Aquatic Therapy

For some conditions, physical therapy on land may be too difficult or cause an increase in pain. When this happens your physician may recommend aquatic based therapy. Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) offers aquatic therapy to help you heal while taking pressure off your bones and joints.

For some conditions, traditional physical therapy can place too much stress on joints, causing pain and delaying the healing process. That’s why LVHN rehabilitation specialists offer aquatic therapy, or water therapy, as an alternative. We help your body recover gently with a unique treatment plan that’s tailored to your personal goals.

Aquatic therapy provides a decreased weight bearing environment, a gentler substitute for traditional physical therapy. Our program is designed to help your body heal while also protecting your bones and joints.

Water therapy is a great option for people with many medical conditions, including:

Your aquatic therapy, personalized

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to rehabilitation. Your water therapy sessions focus on your personal goals and abilities, helping you achieve your maximum level of function.

Treatments are carried out in one of our indoor pools. Water temperatures are kept between 94 and 96 degrees, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your session.

Your therapy may include pool exercises using multiple tools, such as:

  • Underwater treadmills
  • Therapy paddles
  • Massage jets
  • Flotation devices

Experience the benefits

Like other forms of rehabilitation, aquatic therapy helps your body recover and regain function and mobility. Water therapy is useful to attain various goals, including:

  • Gaining muscle strength and endurance
  • Improving agility, balance and gait (the way you walk)
  • Enhancing function and coordination
  • Correcting posture and body mechanics
  • Increasing flexibility

Multiple pool locations to best serve you

Aquatic therapy is offered at multiple locations throughout LVHN. We make it easy to get the treatment you need.