Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) helps you overcome inner ear issues that lead to hearing or balance problems. We work with you to diagnose your condition and manage your symptoms.

The assessment and management of auditory (hearing) disorders, including balance issues, can be complex. At LVHN, our audiologists work to diagnose inner ear and nervous system problems. This knowledge helps us create personalized treatment plans for effective symptom management.

Auditory, balance and neural system disorders can have a profound effect on your life. At LVHN, our audiologists help you manage symptoms while achieving the greatest level of health possible.

Highly trained audiologists

Our audiologists receive doctorate-level training to identify, diagnose and manage hearing and other neurological system problems, including speech or sound processing disorders. Our expert-level knowledge helps you recover as completely as possible.

Help for the hard of hearing

We offer specialized diagnostic testing for hearing difficulties, including auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing. ABR testing uses electrodes to measure the brain wave activity that occurs when you hear sounds.

This test is offered to both adults and children living with hearing problems. The results of this hearing test help us create a treatment plan that’s best suited to your needs, including the possible addition of hearing aids.

Audiology care close to home

We offer audiology evaluations and therapies in multiple locations. View our audiology locations. Finding care has never been more convenient.

Audiology is one of many outpatient rehabilitation services we offer.