Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic medicine offers alternative and complementary care for conditions of the bones, joints and spine.

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) offers a variety of chiropractic services for conditions of the bones, joints and spine through LVPG Chiropractic Medicine. We have locations throughout the region and our providers work in conjunction with the Advanced Spine Center.

Our chiropractic medicine providers can meet with you to assess your bone, joint or spinal concerns and offer treatment options, including:

  • Spinal manipulative therapy– a variety of techniques performed to reduce joint restriction and restore normal range of motion
  • Mobilization techniques– manual therapy used to manage musculoskeletal dysfunction
  • Instrument adjusting– the use of technology to apply gentle, precise adjustments
  • Spinal decompression/traction– use of a mechanical device used to relieve pressure on pinched nerves in the spinal column
  • Pelvic balancing techniques– adjustment for pregnant women designed to relieve tightness in the uterine muscles
  • Myofascial release– a gentle form of stretching and compression designed to release the uneven tightness in injured tissue that surrounds the body's organs, muscles and bones
  • Muscle energy techniques– a variety of manual techniques designed to increase range of motion, relieve spasticity and reduce pain
  • Ultrasound and electrotherapy– the use of sound waves and electrical nerve stimulation to treat a variety of chiropractic conditions
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Nutritional counseling