Speech-Language Pathology

Speech and swallowing disorders, including those caused by stroke, can greatly impact your quality of life. The specialists at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) help you learn better communication techniques and, cognitive skills – and overcome swallowing problems with tailored treatment plans.

Our specialists help diagnose and manage communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders, which can severely affect your quality of life. We also help children overcome speech impediments and other problems, like feeding issues. Our goal is to help all of our patients live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Living with a communication, cognitive or swallowing disorder is especially challenging and can greatly impact how much you enjoy life. At LVHN, our speech-language pathologists work with your entire health care team to accurately diagnose speech and swallowing issues. Then, we create a customized treatment plan that helps you achieve your therapy goals.

Helping you communicate

If you have difficulty communicating with others, either as a result of injury or a medical condition like stroke, we help you learn ways to more effectively connect with people. Our speech therapists help you learn how to speak and use your voice to the best of your ability. If needed, we help you develop a better understanding of both oral and written language skills with a personalized cognitive therapy program.

Managing swallowing disorders

Some medical conditions, like stroke, impact your ability to eat and drink. If you can’t swallow properly, your quality of life will likely suffer.

We help you overcome swallowing disorders using state-of-the-art video fluoroscopic technology to help guide decisions regarding swallow therapy. After diagnosis, our speech therapists help you learn better swallowing techniques while working with other members of your health care team to find the best corrective treatment options for you.

Speech-language pathology for children

Like adults, some children struggle with speech or swallowing disorders. We help children of all ages, including infants, learn better techniques for eating, swallowing and communicating. Our pediatric speech therapists create developmentally appropriate treatment plans, helping children thrive.

Convenient access to care

With multiple outpatient rehabilitation therapy centers, finding the speech-language pathology care you need has never been easier.