Having a trusted local health care provider keeps you well. Having a complete health team, from specialists to weight management to a full-service fitness center, is vital. Introducing the VitalChoice Program for people ages 60+.

We know you like choice in your life. That’s why we are celebrating 30 years of our dedicated program for seniors, Senior Choice, by enhancing it to make it work even harder for you with more choices, services, convenience and wellness programs. Welcome to VitalChoice.

VitalChoice is a free program of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) and Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Hazleton for adults ages 60+. With VitalChoice, you will have access to your choice of doctors, health care services and health amenities that aren’t limited to a single insurance offering.

Benefits of the VitalChoice program

Medical Benefits

With VitalChoice, you can retain your relationship with your trusted provider and there is no need to change your insurance.

Wellness Benefits

Our beautiful fitness center and dedicated team will help you enjoy a healthy and strong future.

Lifestyle/Social Benefits

Stay engaged and active through social and enrichment programs that build on the 30-year strong Senior Choice program.

Join us

Life doesn’t stop when you turn 60. Instead it’s a new chapter in your life that presents countless opportunities to explore, learn and live each day to the fullest. Complete this form and receive these benefits as an exclusive member of VitalChoice.