Academic Progress Policy

For federal financial aid, students enrolled in years two and three of the program must successfully complete each term with a grade of 80 percent or higher to remain eligible for federal financial aid. Students who do not meet this requirement may repeat the term (assuming that that term course is their first unsuccessfully completed course) after waiting until the course is taught again the following year on a probationary status. Students must complete the probationary term successfully with a minimum grade of 80 percent to remain in the program and retain eligibility for future semesters. Each student is only eligible for one probationary term of financial aid.

Students who encounter mitigating circumstances may appeal the loss of financial aid by submitting a letter of appeal to the financial aid office. This letter must include an explanation of the mitigating circumstance that prevented the successful completion of the coursework with a minimum grade of 80 percent and an explanation of what action the student has taken to ensure success.