Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

Curriculum didactics include topics such as cesarean hysterectomy, cervical cerclage, antepartum fetal assessment, routine and targeted maternal and fetal imaging using ultrasonography, pregnancy termination, invasive fetal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, external cephalic version, intrapartum management of multiple gestations (including external or internal version of second twin), non-vertex vaginal delivery, operative vaginal delivery, physiology and pathophysiology of diseases occurring in pregnancy, normal and abnormal newborn physiology, genetics (including prenatal screening and diagnosis), obstetric critical care and infectious diseases as they relate to pregnancy.

Fellows covering outpatient maternal fetal medicine rotations (regardless of fellow level) will cover the specialty clinics:

  • Cardio-obstetrics program
  • Comprehensive diabetes in pregnancy program
  • Pregnancy hypertension kidney program
  • Neurology in pregnancy program
  • Placenta accreta spectrum program
  • Complex obstetric surgery program
  • Perinatal palliative care program
  • Fetal echocardiography with pediatric cardiology

Clinical rotations


  • 4 months perinatal unit
  • 2 months of labor and delivery as the supervising laborist
  • 1 month in medical intensive care unit


  • 6 months in ultrasound rotation
  • 6 months in outpatient maternal fetal medicine office
  • 2 months genetics


  • 3 months – tailored to suit fellow’s interests. Examples include neonatology, obstetric anesthesia, surgical intensive care unit, surgical termination, reproductive infectious disease, quality and lactation.


  • 12 months

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