This page was last updated on: 03/23/2020 at 04:10 PM.

What is LVHN hospital visitation policy during COVID-19 outbreak?

LVHN has put into place a temporary hospital visitation policy to help protect the health of our patients and health care providers. This policy replaces our traditional open visitation policy until further notice.

In our hospitals and inpatient facilities, no visitors are permitted except under these special circumstances:

  • Visitation of a patient nearing the end of life
  • Parent visitation of a child in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) or neonatal ICU (NICU)
  • One coach or partner per patient on labor and delivery unit
  • One visitor at a time for patients in inpatient hospice unit
  • One parent/guardian at a time for pediatric patients
  • One visitor to accompany patients for hospital discharge
  • One visitor for patients undergoing same-day surgeries and procedures
  • One visitor per patient in the emergency department

Visitors allowed by exception must be in good health and are subject to a health screening, if necessary.

No child under age 12 is permitted to visit in the hospital.

Outpatient appointment information

For all outpatient appointments, one visitor is permitted to accompany a patient for an outpatient appointment, procedure, same-day surgery or LVPG office visit. We will make reasonable accommodations for pediatric visits, provided any sibling visitors are in good health.

Outpatient Visitation Policy for Oncology Patients Receiving Treatment

It is critical in this unprecedented time to keep you safe. Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, no visitors are permitted to accompany patients undergoing infusion or radiation oncology treatments except under these special circumstances:

  • If the patient requires assistance getting to the registration area, someone may escort him or her. We will then take the patient back to receive treatment.
  • If the patient has an extreme medical condition and/or cannot be left alone, a visitor may accompany him/her.

Attention Drivers
If you are a driver for a patient receiving treatment, we encourage you to either go home or wait in your car. Please make sure the person you drop off has your phone number. You will receive a call when the patient’s treatment is finished.

Updated Visitation Policy for Clergy

At this time, community clergy will only be permitted to visit patients who are nearing end of life and may visit only to offer communion or last rites.

Eucharistic ministers may not visit to offer communion.

Pastoral care services are available at each LVHN hospital to support and attend to patients’ diverse spiritual needs.

Hospital Visitor Screening

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure safety for patients, staff and our community during the COVID-19 outbreak, visitors at all LVHN hospital locations will be screened effective Friday, March 20.

When you visit any LVHN hospital location, staff will take your temperature at main entrances and at the emergency department using a forehead thermometer.

If you have a temperature higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be directed to postpone your visit.  If you have a temperature lower than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, staff will ask you a series of questions to ensure you are not at risk of spreading COVID-19.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 or may have been exposed to someone who has it, you should take any of these steps to be screened:

The on-site screenings follow the  “No Visitation, No Access Policy” we put in place March 15, which is still in effect to help protect the health of our patients and health care providers.

Updated surgery waiting room policy.

In all LVHN surgery waiting rooms, only one visitor is permitted per patient. Visitors are being seated at least six feet away from one another. Visitors are encouraged to use the EASE app, which sends real-time updates to loved ones. Visitors who drive patient for surgery are asked if they are willing to leave their phone number and go to another location so they can be called when the patient is ready for discharge.

Calling a patient

Each of the patient rooms has a direct extension telephone number. To contact a patient using the four-digit telephone extension number, contact the main switchboard at 570-421-4000 and select #3. After the answering system connects and you hear the message, then input the four-digit extension number to call the room directly.

If you don't know the four-digit extension number, you can obtain it by calling the Patient Room and Information line at 570-476-3367 from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The volunteer operators at this desk will provide the extension telephone number for you to use in the future, and will connect you to the room. At other times, you can call the main switchboard for a room extension number.

In order for our patients to get the rest they need, patient telephones are turned off at night at the following times:

9 p.m. Maternity and Pediatrics 
10 p.m. All other floors
7 a.m. Telephone service resumes