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Group Fitness Class Schedule and Descriptions

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Class Descriptions

AfterBurn – A 45-minute class filled with variety from treadmill and rowing intervals to TRX strength and high intensity core movements. This class is great for fat burning, increased strength and muscle definition. All the elements of fitness including strength, cardio and power to maximize the benefits with interval heart rate training that keeps participants burning calories hours after the workout. All fitness levels are welcome.
Barre Boot Camp – 45 minutes of challenging exercises that incorporate ballet barre fitness, toning, tightening, and a full body workout! High Intensity.
Boot Camp – 30 minutes of challenging exercises that encourage muscle strengthening and endurance military style fitness! High Intensity.
Body Shred – 30 minutes of fun and effective metabolic conditioning. This approach utilizes whole body circuit training with 3 minute intervals of strength, 2 minute intervals of cardio, and 1 minute intervals of abdominal work. High Intensity.
Core Fusion – 45 minutes of high-energy, fun & challenging workout that will activate your heart rate, lift, tone & tighten all the right areas. Utilizing a ballet barre, this class incorporates isometric movements, Pilates, yoga, cardio and resistance training, while still being low impact on bones and joints. Great for all levels.
Cycle Fusion – This 60-minute full body workout will feature a 40-minute exhilarating indoor cycling ride. The final 20 minutes will move to the floor mat to focus on strengthening the core and restoring tight muscles with deep stretching for a total body fix! Great for all levels.
Cycle Pump – 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of conditioning exercises. This class incorporates stationary cycling, followed by full body sculpting. An awesome mix of cardio burn and strength training. Great for all levels.
Cycling – 30, 45, or 60 minutes of stationary cycling coached by certified instructors. You control the intensity making class suitable for all levels of fitness.
Functional Fusion- A 45-minute class featuring a combination of TRX suspension training exercises and kettlebell functional movement training. This class will challenge movement! High Intensity!
Lunchtime Zen – Through meditation and guided imagery, this class is the perfect way to de-stress! The 60-minute class will educate you about the chakra systems and how they relate to your body. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels. Very Low intensity.
Making Treads Club – A 45-minute expertly designed training program on the treadmill. Gain a great foundation of miles and speed with motivation! For all levels with any goal! Available all day on Wednesdays.
Member Orientation Class – A 60-minute group-based educational class dedicated to taking the time to ensure that the steps you take are in the right direction. Our exercise physiologists will make sure your start is both safe and enjoyable. Stop by and discuss your facility and equipment questions with LVHN Fitness Exercise Physiologist: Kelsey Coates.
Post Rehab Fitness Class – Following discharge from rehabilitation services, participants will continue to improve their strength, motion and overall function through individualized attention and group program instruction led by college-degreed Exercise Physiologists. This 60-minute class includes aerobic conditioning as well as strength and stretching components to improve quality of life.
TRX™ 45 – Suspension training exercises that incorporate dynamic movements with varying resistance. Great for all levels.
Yoga – A 45 or 60-minute class incorporating the fundamentals of Yoga basics while enhancing strength and flexibility through the progressions of the Sun Salutations. This class is recommended for all levels of Yoga participation.
ZUMBA – 60 minutes of dance inspired aerobics. Latin and salsa style music. Join the party!