Lehigh Valley Health Network offers free bereavement services for children who have experienced a loss. Specially trained counselors and volunteers are honored to offer the following groups.

Camp Cocoon

This annual one-day program is filled with activities and play for the children of our community who have experienced a death loss and could benefit from a safe place to express their grief. Gentle yoga, art therapy, planting a memorial garden, pet therapy and a dedicated balloon launch create opportunity for mindfulness, connection and healing.

Stepping Stones

Our mission is to companion children and those around them who are experiencing life transition through grief by providing education, support and community. Running three times annually, this six-week program is divided into younger child and adolescent sections, each with age-appropriate activities, along with a separate group for the adults in their lives to find support and education on how to accompany the children through their grief.

Wish List Items:

  • Yoga mats (5 each of blue, red, green, and purple)
  • Table top easels for painting and displaying artwork – (requesting 2 of these in 12-packs)
  • Home Depot gift cards for Flowers, Soil, and Pots
  • White luminary bags for messages: -- (requesting 3 of these in 50-packs)
  • Flameless tea lights for luminaries (requesting 6 of these 24 packs)
  • Paint markers for memorial garden (outdoor) items: (requesting 3 packs)
  • Double photo frames for art work/photo project in which they put a drawing of their favorite memory next to a photograph of the person that died: (requesting 20 of these)
  • Hook & Loop Tape (Velcro) for hanging art and lights
  • Sound/voice recorder and player for inside stuffed animal projects: (requesting 10 of these)

Folkmanis Puppets:

  • Kitten
  • Dog
  • Duckling
  • Fox
  • Sea Otter
  • Bunny
  • Panda Bear