Sports Performance Program

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) helps athletes achieve their sports performance goals with on-site evaluations using the latest technologies and tailored training plans, all designed to build strength, flexibility and agility. We help individuals and teams achieve the winning edge.

You want your athletes reaching their peak sports performance potential, and LVHN has the tools to help. Our top-notch sports performance specialists evaluate each athlete individually and create a personalized training plan designed to help him or her excel.

Our training plans and evaluation tools

Our sports performance specialists thoroughly evaluate each athlete to create a training plan that’s tailored to meet his or her unique needs and training goals. To do this, our coaches use the latest evaluation tools, which analyze an athlete’s current performance level and identify areas for improvement:

  • Zephyr™ BioHarness: Helps our specialists gauge exercise intensity and duration by providing physiological and biometric feedback
  • Dartfish® high-speed motion analysis: Analyzes performance movements to better identify performance deficiencies
  • Brower laser timing system: Measures time, counts repetitions and speed to within 1/1000 second accuracy
  • Functional movement screen (FMS): Allows analysis of athlete movement patterns, helping to identify any faulty movements and preventing future injury
  • Multi-sport simulator: Helps athletes build fitness and confidence off the field

The expertise you need from sports performance specialists

Each of our sports performance specialists is college educated and certified in their area of expertise. We’ve coached athletes of all skill levels and abilities, including professional and college-level athletes.

Youth programs

We help athletes of all ages improve their sports performance and abilities. We offer three programs targeted toward specific age groups and developmental milestones:

  • Fundamental (8-11 years old): We use a “structured play” program designed to teach proper techniques for a variety of physical activities, including running, lunging and crawling. These techniques are applied in team games like indoor soccer.
  •  Accelerated (12-14 years old): The focus is evaluation of the individual athlete. Our sports performance specialists help correct movement deficiencies and improve general fitness, speed and agility.
  • Elite (15-18 years old): We fine-tune our techniques to help older athletes reach their sports performance potential.

Your performance, optimized

Our sports performance programs are designed to help you safely achieve your maximum strength, speed and agility.

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