SurvivorPLACE, a Program for Living After the Cancer Experience, includes support and care services to help you move forward with your life by addressing quality of life issues.

Your cancer care journey has consumed much of your time and energy for the past several months. Now that your treatment is complete, you may wonder, “What’s next?” “How do I make that move from patient to survivor?”

With assistance from Mary Rose Muhr Slemmer SurvivorPLACE, you can live life to the fullest. We offer services that help you continue healing while planning for your future. Our offerings include assessments, survivorship plans, support groups, supportive interventions and wellness services.

Personalized cancer survivorship plans

A cancer survivorship plan includes recommendations to help you continue healing and stay healthy for years to come. We will develop a plan to meet your unique needs.

Your personalized cancer survivorship plan includes information about your cancer care journey, including the diagnosis and treatments you received. We also provide recommendations that may include:

  • Treatments to relieve ongoing side effects, such as speech therapy for difficulty swallowing
  • Cancer screening tests to detect cell changes that could mean the cancer is coming back
  • Tips for healthy living, such as quitting tobacco, nutrition and becoming physically active
  • Support services to help you push past challenges many survivors face, including feelings of loss, fear or stress.

Wellness services for cancer survivors

We help you start feeling like your old self again with services that maximize your well-being. Wellness services for cancer survivors include:

  • Healthy You programs: Our offerings include fitness classes, massage therapy, yoga and a tobacco treatment program.
  • Nutrition services: Our registered dietitians help you feel your best with healthy eating recommendations. Find out more about cancer nutrition services.
  • Cancer rehabilitation: We help you get relief from lingering side effects, including tiredness (fatigue) that may be slowing you down. Read more about our cancer rehabilitation services.

Support groups and other services for cancer survivors

Individual and group counseling can help you manage the many emotions you may experience as a cancer survivor.   We offer many support programs including:

  • Support of survivors (SOS): This breast cancer helpline is available 24 hours a day for women with breast cancer. Leave a message, and a trained volunteer – who also is a breast cancer survivor – will return your call. 
  • Men facing cancer: This support group is open to men with prostate and urological cancers, as well as their loved ones.
  • Transitional loss and life change: It’s normal to experience losses during your cancer journey. Treatments may cause physical losses that limit your independence. Or, your relationships with loved ones may change. Our licensed clinical support staff helps you navigate these issues.
  • Grief support services: If you experience the loss of a loved one, we offer support groups as well as individual, family and couples counseling. We also offer grief support services for children.

Visit our Events page and use the Search Classes button to find support groups. Or, call 888-402-LVHN (5846) for information about support group gatherings.

Cancer care financial coordination services

We help you sort through medical bills and determine whether you are eligible for financial assistance programs. Read more about our cancer care financial coordination services.


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