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Get to Know Services of LVHN Hospice

Program offers culturally-sensitive care for people reaching end of life


When you or a loved one begins to change focus from healing treatments to a more comfortable end-of-life experience, hospice may be the next step. Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) provides you and your family with supportive options during the final passage of life. Grief, loss and adjustment counseling are available in individual and group settings.

Supportive care

LVHN provides year-round specialized support groups and grief support services to hospice patients and families. Support groups provide comfort and companionship to people going through similar journeys. A variety of circumstance-specific support groups exist for individuals, children and families. Bereavement counseling is available to teach loved ones how to cope with grief, loss and moving forward with life. Hospice care also includes spiritual support to patients and families searching for peace between themselves and their faith communities.

Home or inpatient hospice care

Hospice care aims to improve quality of life for you and your family, which is why you may choose to receive hospice care in the comfort of your own home. LVHN provides 24-hour at-home care from hospice nurses, aides, therapists and volunteers. Hospice care also takes place in the inpatient units at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–17th Street and LVH–Pocono.

LVHN hospice works to provide comforting care to persons of all ages and backgrounds. We are the only children’s hospital in the region to offer at-home pediatric hospice care. We are also the region’s only hospital that is certified by the National Institute of Jewish Hospice.

Palliative care

OACIS Palliative Medicine is a palliative care service offered to LVHN patients. Palliative care manages the uncomfortable symptoms associated with chronic illnesses and treatments. Palliative care is beneficial for all patients, including those in hospice, and can be pursued alongside or after curative treatment.

Learn more about how LVHN hospice care offers emotional, physical and spiritual support.

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