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Grateful Patient Gives Back to the Patient Assistance Fund

Sue and Skip Morey support the Praeger Patient Fund

In 2004, Sue Morey and her husband, Skip, were enjoying life on the go, leading recreational vehicle (RV) tours to Alaska and the Yucatan, known for its Gulf of Mexico beaches and Mayan ruins. “As professional wagon masters, we would take 20 rigs to Alaska and Mexico for 50 days at a time. It was a big job, but we loved it on the road,” Skip says. The job didn’t pay much, but the travel was free.

That September, however, while the couple was RVing through the Lehigh Valley between tours, Sue, then 62, received a phone call from her doctor in Colorado, where she had recently had a mammogram. That’s when Sue’s journey with breast cancer began. A lump had been found, the doctor said. Sue would need further testing and possibly surgery. “At the time, we had very minimal health insurance and didn’t have any financial reserves,” Sue says.

Sue underwent a lumpectomy at Lehigh Valley Hospital that October and received support from the Prager Patient Assistance Fund, which provides financial support for the nonclinical needs of cancer patients and their families.

“The financial assistance we received in 2004 was such a great gift,” Sue says. To show their appreciation, the Moreys recently donated to the Prager Patient Assistance Fund. “We’re now in a better financial position and wanted to do something to benefit others, just like we were helped,” Sue says.

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