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#LVHNProud to Be an Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainer Liz Del Re shares her passion for her career in honor of National Athletic Training Awareness Month.

Elizabeth “Liz” Del Re, LAT, ATC, is a certified athletic trainer with Lehigh Valley Health Network, serving student-athletes at Emmaus High School.
Elizabeth “Liz” Del Re, LAT, ATC, is a certified athletic trainer with Lehigh Valley Health Network, serving student-athletes at Emmaus High School.

When I started college, there were moments where I questioned if I made the right choice to major in athletic training. Instead of switching majors, I continued my semester at Neumann University. It was a decision that gave me more than I ever could have imagined – a career I love, a community I care about and volunteer work that has taken me new places.

My first job after graduation was as a Lehigh Valley Health Network athletic trainer at Emmaus High School. I love the different dynamic that comes with each team I get to work with. It is very rewarding to watch student-athletes grow and be part of their successes and failures. I fell in love with everything about my job as an athletic trainer, which inspired me to find more ways to use my background to help others.

Volunteering with USA Wrestling

My passion for athletic training led me to apply for a volunteer program for sports medicine providers at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center (OPTC) in Colorado Springs. I received an email in 2018 saying I was selected to participate. During the two-week program, yet another opportunity came my way. I was so excited when asked to help cover a training camp for wrestlers hosted by USA Wrestling. Working with several athletes at once is what a typical day for me is like at Emmaus High School, so I jumped at the chance to help.    

It became clear to me at the wrestling camp that I wanted to pursue more volunteer work with USA Wrestling. That led me to apply to be a medical volunteer within the organization. That September, I was off to Mexico for the Schoolboy/girl Athlete Pan American Championships. That was just the beginning.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all over as a volunteer athletic trainer. I have been to Bulgaria, Hungary and most recently Colombia, where I covered the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games. The majority of athletes I work with are at the cadet level (under age 17). I love working with this age group because it’s not all about winning the competition. There is still a lot of fun associated with what the athletes do.

In my role as an athletic trainer, I specialize in the management, prevention and recovery of injured athletes. I collaborate with doctors to provide emergency and follow-up care to athletes. If an athlete sustains a laceration (skin wound) during a competition, I will address the bleeding. Then, the athlete would be seen by a physician for stitches, if needed.

Enter as athletes, leave as friends

I typically spend 12 days at a competition overseas with USA Wrestling. During those days of training and competition, I am in constant communication with the team to make sure the athletes receive the care or treatment needed. Whether it be before the competition, during a break or after the competition has ended for the day, I am ready to help.

I love the relationships I get to build with the coaches and athletes. With every trip, it ends up feeling as though I have known the team for a lifetime. The lasting friendships are what make my work truly special. To be an athletic trainer is an honor I cannot describe.

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