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Top Five Reasons You Need MyLVHN


MyLVHN, Lehigh Valley Health Network’s secure patient portal, empowers you to know the story of your health. With convenient access from your computer or mobile device, MyLVHN offers you more benefits than ever before.

The top five reasons you need MyLVHN

  1. Health information at your fingertips – With MyLVHN, you have access to your family’s medical history. You’ll also be alerted when new test results are available.

  2. Quick bill payment – You can keep track of your medical bills and pay them in just a few clicks.

  3. Schedule all kinds of appointments – In addition to scheduling doctor appointments and LVHN Video Visits, now you also can schedule physical therapy and some diagnostic tests for a time and location that is most convenient.

  4. Less time in waiting room – With eCheck–In, you can fill out your paperwork in advance to spend less time in the waiting room and more meaningful time with your provider.

  5. Communicate with your care team – MyLVHN allows you to send and receive non-urgent messages from your LVHN health care provider. You can also request prescription refills.

Make sure you download the free MyLVHN app available at Google Play or the Apple App Store. The best news is that you can sign up for MyLVHN today. Visit for more information or to sign up.

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