Your health journey is much easier with a trusted partner by your side. That’s why your Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute team is here to help you receive your radiation treatments comfortably and confidently. In this virtual tour, you will find information that will help you better understand the steps you need to take, the experiences you will encounter, and the team of specialists who will be working together with each other and with you. Please take your time and review the steps of the process so you know what to expect throughout your visits.

Your treatment is customized to you. This video provides a brief explanation of how radiation therapy works as well as a snapshot of the treatment process and the specialists involved. As you move on through the tour, you will learn about each step in greater detail.

Your care team

Radiation Oncologists

Board-certified doctors with specialized education in the use of radiation for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Radiation oncologists are skilled in assessing long-term effects of the therapy and monitoring cancer. Meet our team.

Treatment Coordinators / Medical Secretaries

Medical professionals who work closely during and after treatment with your radiation oncologist. They prepare your medical record, arrange your first appointment, obtain insurance authorizations and assist with your daily arrivals. 

Radiation Oncology Nurses

Board-certified professionals with advanced certification in the care of oncology patients. Educated and certified in radiation therapy, they assist you in preparing for treatments, provide education and help you with any difficulties you may encounter during your care. 

Radiation Therapists

Medical professionals who administer radiation therapy to patients under the instruction of oncologists. They are board-certified professionals who position patients, take images, locate tumors and deliver the appropriate amount of radiation each day, while supporting you through your day-to-day treatment. 

Radiation Physicists

Board-certified professionals who specialize in the use of radiation for medical treatments. They make sure your radiation treatment is planned, calculated and delivered accurately. This includes making sure the treatment machines are performing properly. The physicists work closely with your doctor to help plan your treatments. 

Medical Dosimetrists

Board-certified professionals who specialize in planning your radiation treatment. Dosimetrists work closely with the Radiation Physicist and Radiation Oncologist to design and optimize your treatment plan.