Ensuring effective treatments

In the interest of making your cancer treatment as safe and effective as possible, your Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute care team will perform a computed tomography (CT) scan. This preliminary procedure helps to protect the integrity of healthy tissues by allowing us to pinpoint the exact locations where radiation needs to be administered. Then we continue to treat those locations – and only those locations – during each visit.


This video will explain how the simulation process works and why it is so important to future visits and protecting your overall health.

Tips for your visit

Tip 1: Review the “Finding Your Way” section, found in the top navigation, to know exactly where to go once you reach the hospital.

Tip 2: Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to change out of to your visits. Avoid accessories and jewelry that may have to be removed.

Tip 3: For safety, treatment requires you to lay very still. Feel free to close your eyes and use this time for relaxation or calming meditation.