Clinical Trial:

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Gestational Diabetics (PRO00000427)

Full Name

Pregnancy and Diabetes: Continuous glucose monitoring in apparently well controlled gestational diabetics with sonographic evidence of suboptimal glycemic control


Participants will be educated on CGM use and have the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) placed by one of the investigators experienced in CGM use. The monitor will remain in place for 72 hours and will record blood glucose levels every 5 minutes. During this time, patients will continue their usual medical routine, including SMBG and fetal surveillance. After 72 hours the patient will return to the office to have the CGM removed and the data will be downloaded and analyzed. Patients that have not had a HbA1C sent within the last 4 weeks will have one drawn (standard of care). To determine whether 72 hours is long enough to obtain accurate information, 10 participants in each group (cases and controls) will be asked to wear the CGM for a second 72 hour period, and the results of the second 72 hours will be compared to the first for that participant.


Inclusion Criteria

o Age 18 years or older
o Pregnant women with gestational diabetes enrolled in the Diabetes in Pregnancy Program at Lehigh Valley Health Network
o Singleton pregnancy, with gestational age between 20 and 36 weeks
o Normal glycemic control based on SMBG AND sonographic evidence of suboptimal glycemic control
o Patients have demonstrated adequate compliance with SMBG and office visits
o No pre-gestational diabetes
o No known fetal abnormalities

Doctor(s) Running This Study
Maternal-Fetal Medicine (Perinatology)
Area of focus
Prenatal diagnosis
Multiple gestations
Obstetric ultrasound

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