Thanks to the dedication of Lehigh Valley Health Network’s (LVHN) health care professionals, life today is better than it was one year ago. By vaccinating our communities, caring for those with COVID-19 and other conditions, and giving you even more convenient access to care, LVHN is creating better days ahead for you and those you love.

Watch LVHN’s 2021 Community Annual Meeting which includes presentations from John Malloy, PhD, Chairman, LVHN Board of Trustees; Deborah Bren, DO, President, LVHN Medical Staff; and Brian A. Nester, DO, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, LVHN.


Your trusted partners at Lehigh Valley Health Network envision a healthier tomorrow. Even in the grips of a global pandemic, our unwavering commitment to “heal, comfort and care” is creating better days ahead for people in all the communities LVHN serves.

Our focus on COVID-19 remains, and our fight against the virus has been long and arduous. Quite likely, you have heard about or witnessed the heroic, selfless efforts LVHN’s nearly 20,000 health care professionals provided to save so many during the COVID pandemic. It is hard not to become emotional when you consider the personal risk and great stress they endure. Thanks to their exceptional work, you can feel confident we will emerge victorious. To the entire LVHN family, we offer our most sincere thanks for your commitment, resilience and bravery during these trying times.

At LVHN, we know we can accomplish anything when we work together.That is why we believe in the power of partnerships. We appreciate your partnership with us during the pandemic, which is epitomized in the high vaccination rates in all the communities LVHN serves.Thank you for doing your part.   

To further LVHN’s mission, we cannot focus on COVID-19 alone. It is essential that we grow and expand the health care services you need to ensure LVHN continues to be a precious community asset.

It takes solid leadership to achieve meaningful growth. You have such leadership at LVHN. It starts with the experience and insight the members of LVHN’s Board of Trustees bring to the table. We thank them for volunteering their time to help make our communities healthier. Equally, LVHN has a strong executive leadership team, and skilled clinical and administrative leaders embedded across the health network.

Collectively, the LVHN family is working hard to bring healthier tomorrows to fruition. We pledge to continue our fight against COVID-19 and administer vaccines that save lives. We vow to deliver the highest quality care and to fuel our unwavering passion to elevate it. We will add new facilities and services to make it even more convenient for you to access the care you need. We promise to give you the best possible experience when you turn to us for help. We are driven to make each community we serve a healthier place to live. For you and everyone you hold dear, we will continue to create better days ahead.

John F. Malloy, PhD
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Brian A. Nester, DO, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer