Bone Cancer

Osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma are two types of primary bone cancers. Learn how Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute can help you from diagnosis of bone cancer through treatment.

Bone cancer is cancer that forms in cells of the bone. This is called primary bone cancer, and it is different from cancer that starts somewhere else, like the lung or breast, and then spreads to the bone.

Some types of primary bone cancer are osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma and chondrosarcoma. If you have primary bone cancer, you want the care that will give you the best chance for recovery. At Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute, you will find doctors who are leaders in their fields. You also will find a team of cancer care professionals who are committed to helping you throughout your cancer care with expert treatment, compassionate support and insightful guidance.

Symptoms of bone cancer

Please note: Some symptoms of primary bone cancer are similar to other, less serious conditions. Most people with these symptoms do not have cancer. It’s important to check with a doctor to be sure.

Symptoms of primary bone cancer develop slowly over time. The kind of symptoms you or your child has depends on the type, location and size of the tumor. These are some common primary bone cancer symptoms:

  • Pain – Pain is the most common symptom of primary bone cancer. At first, you may not feel the pain all the time. It may be worse at night or when you use the bone. It might hurt when you walk, for example. As the cancer grows, the pain may become constant. Sometimes, primary bone cancer interferes with normal movements. Pain in your leg, for instance, may cause you to limp.
  • Swelling – Sometimes, people experience swelling in the area of the pain. It may or may not happen at the same time that pain starts. Depending on the location of the tumor, you may feel a lump or mass.
  • Fractures – Primary bone cancer can weaken the bone. Sometimes it can cause a break. Your limb may suddenly become painful if you have a fracture.
  • Other symptoms – You might have weight loss and fatigue if the cancer spreads beyond the bone. The cancer also can affect other organs, leading to other symptoms. 

Treatment of bone cancer

Your treatment for primary bone cancer is dependent on the type and location of the cancer. Treatment may include:

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