Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is home to the region’s top cancer doctors (oncologists). You receive chemotherapy using the latest cancer drugs, some of which are only available through clinical trials. Our dedication to delivering safe, effective cancer care earns our program national recognition.

Chemotherapy uses cancer drugs to slow or stop the rate at which cancer cells are growing. Our oncologists tailor doses to minimize side effects while helping you achieve excellent results.

Chemotherapy at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

When it comes to delivering safe, high-quality cancer care, the Cancer Institute maintains the highest standards. Many of our locations have been continuously certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s QOPI® program since 2011. This distinction means you can count on us for safe, effective chemotherapy. Additional highlights of our program include:


Many of our oncologists completed additional training through fellowships, allowing us to provide a level of care that’s not widely available. We have a track record of successfully treating difficult to manage cancers. Meet our cancer team.

Personalized care

We deliver a combination of cancer drugs to meet your unique needs. Your care may also include surgery or radiation therapy. Our cancer experts come together in regular meetings called tumor boards to determine the treatments that are best for you using the expertise of the whole team. Find out more about tumor boards.


You can breathe a little easier knowing that additional specialists are looking out for your safety.

Our team includes nurses and pharmacists who specialize in caring for cancer patients. We check each dose for accuracy and help you get relief from the side effects, so your care plan stays on track. Find out more about cancer pharmacy services.

Our Membership in the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance

Our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance gives you access to new chemotherapy drugs, some of which are only available in select cancer centers across the country. Clinical trials testing new chemotherapy drugs give you additional care options for complex cancers or cancers that come back after treatment. Find out more about our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance.

We meet with MSK’s world-renowned experts on a regular basis to make sure our care practices reflect the latest cancer research – including advances in chemotherapy. These efforts mean you receive new treatments and techniques years ahead of when they are widely available. Read more about our cancer disease management teams.

Chemotherapy at the Cancer Institute: What to expect

We often deliver chemotherapy by infusion. With infusions, you receive chemotherapy drugs in liquid form through a needle in your arm. Some treatments come as shot (injection).

You receive these treatments in dedicated infusion centers with a dedicated pharmacy and staffed by nurses who have specialized training and certification in oncology care (OCN – Oncology Certified Nurse). We can provide hydrations, transfusions and other medications to help minimize side effects.  Our centers are conveniently located throughout the region and offer a safe, comfortable care environment. Find out more about infusions for cancer.

Our whole-person approach means you receive chemotherapy along with additional services that make your life a little easier during treatment. We may connect you with a registered dietitian who has expertise in cancer care to help you get the nutrition you need. And our nurse navigators are by your side throughout treatment and coordinate any services you need. Read more about nurse navigators

Get a second opinion

Receive personalized recommendations from our team of cancer experts in a single visit.

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Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance member

Our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance brings you world-class care close to home.

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