Kurt E. Brzezinski, DC

Chiropractic Medicine

Independent Cliniciani

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Area of focus i

  • Spine-related Pain and Disorders
  • Spine Injuries Related to Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Soft Tissue Injuries and Myofascial Pain
  • Sports Injuries

Languages spoken

  • English

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Philosophy of care

I try to approach each patient as an individual and meet your personal treatment goals. A thorough assessment of your condition and lifestyle helps to achieve this. Using the sports medicine model of treatment, I try to reduce pain and restore function as soon as possible to enable you to get back to your activities quickly. Having worked in an interdisciplinary practice for many years has allowed me to see the great advantages of treating in a collaborative setting. Although chiropractic care is often all that is needed to help many of my patients, there are times when working with other specialties is of great benefit and I often refer to other physicians such as physiatry, for example, and we work together to obtain the best result. There are times when I am able to help reduce a patient's pain level so they can transition to physical therapy for strengthening and conditioning, or I may give them a home exercise program. Patient comfort is of the utmost importance to me when performing manual therapy, so I try to use as gentle an approach as is needed to keep you feeling comfortable during your treatments. I use multiple treatment techniques to accomplish this. 

Why I entered medicine

When growing up I had some minor health issues and sustained some minor sports injuries, which exposed me to different health care specialists. I entered high school with an interest in health care. When I was 17 my brother, who was 19, injured his lower back and went to a chiropractor for treatment. I went along with him and told the chiropractor about my interest in health care. He graciously took time to explain the chiropractic approach. My brother was helped greatly during the course of his treatments. I stayed interested in chiropractic during college and ended up pursuing it as a career.

Community involvement

Over the years I have had the opportunity to serve on multiple short-term mission trips, which have been great experiences. I had the opportunity on one trip to introduce chiropractic care to a native tribe in the jungle of Venezuela. These trips are usually as much a blessing to the team of people serving as they are to those we are trying to help.

Personal interests

When not working I spend most of my time with my wife and three daughters. I attend my daughters' activities and sporting events regularly. As a family we like to spend time outdoors hiking, going to the beach and skiing. When time permits, which isn't often, I like to play golf.


Rutgers University, BA - Bachelor of Arts, 1986

Medical Training
New York Chiropractic, DC - Chiropractor, 1991