Department of Emergency Medicine Medical Student Rotation Curriculum

Procedure modules

What procedures should students know before starting their emergency medicine residency? Based upon published research from Wake Forest School of Medicine, the following procedures are considered essential for students to become familiar with as they begin their training. You are encouraged to complete the 37 designated procedure self-study modules from Procedure Consult at the link below.

Procedure Consult Modules

A quiz must be completed at the end of each module demonstrating that you completed the activity. The test results will be sent to our administrative staff. 

Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine curriculum

The Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) curriculum is a set of learning modules based on the national curriculum developed by CDEM. These self-study modules offer substantial information on all of the core topics in emergency medicine. We suggest you use these modules while on shift.  

The first section offers students an "approach to" a specific chief complaint for the undifferentiated patient. Each module gives you an idea of not only what critical diagnoses to consider, but also what initial actions must be taken before arriving at a definitive diagnosis.

The second section is disease specific for the differentiated patient.  These modules describe the classic presentation of disease processes (though rarely will something present classically), explanations of diagnostic tests, hints on how to make the diagnosis, treatment options and pitfalls to avoid.

Bridge to EM Course

Over the course of your M4 year we highly recommend this online course which is an 8-week curriculum to transition from senior medical student to EM intern.  You should complete this prior to starting your intern year. 

Bridge to EM