Department of Emergency Medicine Medical Student Rotation: Grade

Grade breakdown

  • Clinical shifts and didactic participation – 70% 
  • Case presentation – 10%
  • Final exam – 10%
  • Weekly case write-up and 2 PT F/U – 10% 

Grade specifics

Clinical evaluation

We assess each student on their history and exam skills, case presentations, differential diagnosis, test utilization, reevaluation of patients, medical knowledge, work ethic, teamwork and communication utilizing the SLOE format. You may present to PGY-3s, PGY-4s, PAs and attendings. We encourage you to solicit feedback from your supervising physician(s). You must send an evaluation link via New Innovations to ALL supervising physicians you presented to. Do this preferably before the end of your shift. You will receive mid-term feedback from one of our chief residents. At the midterm feedback, we will ask for any additional faculty/residents that you wish to receive an evaluation. You will have an evaluative simulation toward the end of your rotation that will count toward your clinical evaluation. Your clinical evaluation is 70% of your grade. At the end of the rotation, the Clerkship Director collects feedback from the resident team and creates a composite evaluation. Every medical student pursuing EM will receive a consensus-based Standard Letter of Evaluation (eSLOE) unless he/she specifies otherwise. Don’t forget to submit your AAMC waiver for the SLOE. This waives your right to see the SLOE.

Oral case presentation

You will present one 10-minute case-based topic in emergency medicine on a patient you have seen in our ED. It can be on any topic. Try to make it interactive and if appropriate, use actual radiological images, ECGs, etc., from the case. Use as many references available to you. Typically this would be given during a mutually agreeable time and date. This is 10% of your grade.

Written final exam

You will be given a 50-question written final exam at the end of your rotation at our Emergency Medicine Residency Suite. This will be proctored by our staff. You need to arrange a time with our staff ahead of time in order for them to administer the exam. The exam content will be based on your clinical and didactic experiences during your rotation and the CDEM curriculum self-study modules. This is 10% of your grade.

Written notes

You are required to complete at least one written H&P per shift. These paper “T-charts” may be printed from the student website. Please include a written summary in the Course section of the chart as to why you arrived at a particular diagnosis and include a differential diagnosis. You will need to complete one note weekly along with 2 PT F/U. 

Rotation requirements