Located in one of Pennsylvania's largest teaching hospitals with several inpatient facilities and a network of hundreds of primary care and specialist clinicians, our program draws from more than twenty years of innovative residency training grounded in relationship-centered evidence-informed medicine. We recognize the centrality of family, community and continuity of care to the healing practice of the family physician.

Program highlights include:

Innovative educational program

Our residency design was based upon cutting-edge medical education theory and research. We use situated learning to allow you to learn effectively in the variety of settings in which Family Medicine is practiced. We allow time for reflection to improve the efficiency of your learning and to help you to develop intrinsic motivation to drive your learning.

Flexible rotation schedule

You can customize your education to develop competency and to pursue areas of personal interest within your specialty, completing rotations in both ambulatory and inpatient settings, which allow…

Innovative care that prepares you for an ever-changing medical environment

We recognize that today's family medicine resident must be prepared for continuous change on many levels throughout their future practice. In accordance with adult learning principles, assessment of resident progress through the curriculum is collaborative, resident-centered and fully competency-based.

A community-practice setting

You will work with faculty in community practice settings, allowing you to be fully integrated as a member your clinic site. Our program's innovations facilitate the professional development of graduates deeply grounded in family medicine with strong core knowledge and skills in family systems, population health, chronic disease management, office procedures and behavioral and integrative medicine. All of this helps you to become a leader with skills in intra- and inter-professional collaboration, information management, critical thinking, lifelong learning and professional balance.

As a graduate of the LVHN Family Medicine Residency Program, you will work in partnership with patients, families and communities to optimize the well-being of people of all ages, genders, abilities and cultural backgrounds, in times of health, life transitions and illness. You will be prepared to be active participants and leaders of change at the individual level and within the variety of systems of which you are involved.

We are ACGME accredited with osteopathic recognition and accept 6 residents per year. About half of our residents are MDs and half are DOs.

Program Director
Veronica Brohm, DO

Associate Program Director
Susan Mathieu, MD

Associate Program Director
Katerina Valavanis, MD

Program Manager
Crystal Walker, C-TAGME

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If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Family Medicine Residency program, reach out to our program manager Crystal Walker, C-TAGME, at 484-862-3071 or via e-mail, below.
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Yasir Abunamous, MD

LVPG physician and former Family Medicine Resident and SELECT medical graduate

"Everything I learned at each stage – as a medical student, then as a resident, and now as an attending – was affirmed and expounded upon at each subsequent stage, creating layer upon layer of reinforcing experiences. My colleagues are a huge source of support. The family medicine department has a unique sense of collegiality."