LVHN Schuylkill Rural Family Medicine Residency is a rurally based 4-4-4 full-spectrum family medicine residency. As one of our residents, you will have the opportunity to both live and work in a rural (but not remote) community, training one-on-one with community physicians and gaining experience as a physician leader. Our rural training is supported by the educational and institutional resources of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), with nearly 100 years of GME experience and more than 20 current residency and fellowship programs.

SSPTV interview about LVHN’s Rural Residency Program with Mackenzie Mady, DO, Program Director, Lehigh Valley Hospital–Schuylkill Family Medicine Rural Residency.

Clinical Experience

The residency culture throughout LVHN promotes evidence-informed, relationship-centered learning. The clinical experience emphasizes continuity outpatient primary care, emergency care, inpatient medicine and obstetrical/maternity care, with the option of selecting a third-year track for additional training in a specific area of interest. Inpatient training takes place at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Schuylkill, a community hospital within LVHN. Outpatient family medicine encounters occur at the continuity clinic, which serves as our home site. Here you will see a panel of your own patients in a longitudinal fashion. You will be trained in office-based procedures with emphasis on those commonly performed in rural practice. Behavioral health is integrated into the continuity clinic, allowing you to gain hands-on skills while working alongside a behaviorist. You also will have an opportunity to engage in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) training and provide care to MAT continuity patients with opioid use disorder.  

Finding Joy in Rural Practice

Another key component is our focus on sustaining joy in practicing as a rural physician. Living and working in a community where your presence is both appreciated and welcomed is an integral part of our program. We encourage a culture that promotes growing a full-spectrum family physician who cares for the community while supporting personal well-being. This is achieved through a variety of community partner experiences designed to enhance the care of your patients and allow you to truly know the community in which you practice. Our community has been an integral part of the creation of this program and is excited to welcome you! 

Finding Balance

As a family medicine program, we love families and understand the importance of balancing work and family life. Whether you are a family of one or more (or are planning to expand your family during the residency), we would love to be a part of your family’s journey. Our program allows time for you and your family to experience all Schuylkill County has to offer.

Whether it’s unwinding outdoors, at a concert or sporting event or in some other way, we will help you to find the best spots to relax. You can learn more about what makes Schuylkill County unique by viewing the community involvement section.

Welcome Videos

Invitation to Join the Schuylkill Rural Residency Program

Marc Bonin, DO, invites residents to join the Schuylkill Rural Residency Program.

Welcome to the Schuylkill Rural Residency Program

Kimberly Infante, program coordinator, welcomes residents to the program.

Schuylkill Rural Residency Program Overview

Mackenzie Mady, DO, provides an overview of the Schuylkill Rural Residency Program.
Kimberly Infante
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