Walter and Irene Baran Schuylkill Family Medicine Residency Residents

If you want to be a part of an enthusiastic and engaged small-town community and have an opportunity to help shape our rural residency, our program could be a great match for you.

We are a program that received ACGME accreditation in July 2020, and our first residents matriculated for the 2022-2023 academic year. 


Meet the Residents

Faris Albakoaa, MD

“Training at LVHN provides you with a uniquely supportive environment.”

Haidar Alwaeli, MD

“As a resident, I have been fortunate to engage with patients from all walks of life, each with their unique stories and medical challenges.”

Sayed Arian, DO

“To be a resident at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Schuylkill demands that you become a member of the community.”

Alireza Goodarzi, MD

“I’ve noticed that at LVHN the aim is to create a close-knit group. This is an important aspect of support that exists among all members of our program.”

Lindsey Martinez, MD

“As the inaugural class, we are one-on-one with our attendings and have the opportunity to experience more patients hands-on.”

Glady Mathew, MD

“A unique aspect of my training experience has been my involvement with the community events so far.”

Joseph Oveh, MD

“LVHN goes above and beyond to try to provide what is necessary to train its residents.”

Mahvesh Shabbir, MD

“Being a resident at LVHN means I can make a difference in the lives of my patients.”

Kimberly Infante
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If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Walter and Irene Baran Schuylkill Family Medicine Residency Program, reach out to our Program Coordinator Kimberly Infante at 484-862-3095 or via email below.
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