Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is comprised of more than 46 physicians and 500 nurses and medical staff, with a single mission of delivering the highest level of compassionate and advanced cancer care to our community. We offer a multidisciplinary clinic team approach to patient care. This means every cancer patient will have access to doctors and support staff who can provide personalized care and information patients need to make important decisions.

As cancer treatment options evolve, additional resources are needed to help us prove that cancer may be strong, but together, we are stronger. With your help, we can invest in the following key areas.

Recruiting and retaining the best and brightest

At Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, quality and compassionate care is delivered by highly trained physicians, surgeons and health care professionals. Philanthropic support ensures that we have financial resources to attract, recruit and retain these invaluable colleagues. Additionally, endowed fellowships ensure that Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) will be able to continue to attract, recruit and retain the next generation of cancer physicians and surgeons.

Cellular therapy – pioneering treatments and technology

As new technologies emerge, we will invest in state-of-the-art equipment to deliver advanced care to our patients. This includes stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy, which are becoming quickly vital in many patients’ treatment plans. Stem cell therapy offers a chance to cure the most difficult to treat blood cancer including leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. One of the newest and most promising areas of cancer research and treatment is cancer cell therapy. Cellular therapy involves engineering a patient’s own immune cell or a donor T-cell to knock out cancer, and is in testing for many forms of cancer. 

Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is poised to become the first and only program to bring stem cell transplantation and leading-edge cellular therapies to the more than 1 million population we serve. 

Access to innovative clinical trials

Clinical trials save lives. In the battle against cancer, you want every available weapon on your side. Cancer Institute patients have access to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance clinical trials, which accelerates the data-collection process so investigational treatments can be approved faster and become available to more patients. Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is currently participating in elite cancer trials, and with your help we can bring more clinical trials to more patients every day. 

Support of our patient assistance funds

When cancer strikes, an entire family is affected. Meeting expenses such as groceries, rent, utilities and gas can become challenging. This creates additional stress on patients and their families that can impede their ability to recover from the disease as well as from procedures and treatments. Thanks to cancer patient assistance funds, which are widely supported by grateful patients and community partners, patients can receive financial support for nonclinical necessities, allowing their health to remain the focus.

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Learn stories and news about donors, many of them former LVHN patients, whose gifts go on to support LVHN patients and their families.

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