The ophthalmology specialists at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) have a passion for helping people see the world more clearly. From routine eye exams to intricate cataract surgery, we care for people with a wide range of routine and complex eye concerns, at three convenient locations.

When it comes to your eyes, you want doctors you can trust. LVHN’s ophthalmology and optometry specialists have deep experience providing comprehensive eye care for patients both young and old.

Whether you need a routine eye exam, on-trend eye glasses, or specialized retina expertise, you can count on us to provide the services you need to optimize your sight.

Get expert ophthalmology care at Lehigh Valley Health Network

When you choose LVHN for your eye care, you can expect:


Our team includes general ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as trained retina and cornea specialists. We have the training and experience to treat the most complex eye and vision concerns, such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Our physicians are also skilled in performing intricate procedures, including corneal transplant surgery.

Full-service optical shops

Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the eye glasses or contact lenses that fit your look, lifestyle and budget. At LVPG Ophthalmology–17th Street, LVPG Ophthalmology and Optical Effects–Palmer Township and LVPG Ophthalmology–Fogelsville, we offer in-demand luxury brands like Kate Spade, Tom Ford and Coach as well as numerous low-cost options. We also offer hybrid contact lenses, protective eyewear, sports glasses and more.

Advanced technologies and treatments

Each of our locations depend on advanced diagnostic equipment and research-backed therapies, including the innovative LipiFlow® treatment for dry eye. Our care approach fast-tracks a precise diagnosis while giving you access to the most effective treatment for your needs.


Our convenient locations make sure you’re never far from specialized eye care. We deliver comprehensive eye care services at practices in Allentown, Fogelsville and Palmer Township.

Comprehensive eye care services

We offer routine and specialized eye care services, including:

  • Comprehensive eye exams, including evaluation for glasses and contact lenses
  • Treatment of common eye conditions, including:
    • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
    • Diplopia (double vision)
    • Strabismus (crossed eyes)
    • Eye infections, such as conjunctivitis (pink eye)
    • Eye abrasions
    • Eye injuries
  • Urgent care needs, such as foreign body removal
  • Management of complex conditions, such as:
  • Specialized eye surgery, including:
    • Cornea transplant surgery
    • Cataract surgery
    • Eyelid lesion surgery
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