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Get to Know Hematologist Oncologist Dan Popescu, MD

Learn more about who inspired Dr. Popescu to choose medicine as a career and what he loves about being a doctor

Dan Popescu, MD

Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute is excited to welcome hematologist oncologist Dan Popescu, MD, back to Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN).

In the past, Dr. Popescu provided care through Lehigh Valley Physician Group. This past February, he returned to the network to care for patients at Dale and Frances Hughes Cancer Center at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono.

I care about my patients, and that doesn’t stop when I step outside the office. - Dan Popescu, MD

As a board-certified and fellowship-trained hematologist oncologist, Dr. Popescu treats a wide range of cancer types (with a focus on caring for patients diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancers).

Learn more about Dr. Popescu below:

What inspired you to get into medicine?

I grew up in Romania. My aunt, who was like a second mother to me, was an internal medicine physician there. Throughout my childhood, starting when I was 4 years old, I would join her for rounds with her patients. Those experiences really influenced my decision to pursue a career in the medical field.

What's one thing you hope patients take away from their time with you?

I hope that throughout our time together, I can inspire my patients to look for the positives in their lives. No matter how serious or difficult a situation is, there is always something good to take away from it.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is getting to meet so many different people and having the honor of supporting them on their care journeys.

What is the hardest part of your job?

One of the most difficult parts of my job is separating my work and personal life. I care about my patients, and that doesn’t stop when I step outside the office.

What advice would you share with someone who is considering a career in medicine?

If you are thinking about becoming a clinician, you should look into the different types and decide which specific role you would like to pursue. Then, find out how many years of education and training it will take to reach that goal. While working in the medical field is incredibly rewarding, it requires a lot of time and dedication. It’s important to know what to expect before diving in.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Even though I was inspired to go into medicine at a young age, the first thing I wanted to be was a streetcar (trolley) operator!

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