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MyLVHN is the Health Partner in Your Pocket

With MyLVHN you can schedule appointments, message your doctor and much more


MyLVHN is Lehigh Valley Health Network's patient portal. With MyLVHN, you can access your health information, your care team, convenient ExpressCARE Video Visits and much more.

MyLVHN helps you...

  • Schedule an appointment
  • View test results
  • Review your health information
  • Send a secure message to your provider/care team
  • Pay a medical bill
  • Have an LVHN Video Visit

LVHN Video Visits

Receive LVHN quality care through a secure Internet connection, 24/7, via ExpressCARE Video Visit*. Adults 18 and older can schedule a video visit form their own MyLVHN account. If you have children ages 3 to 17, you will need to establish proxy access to your child's MyLVHN prior to scheduling a pediatric video visit. You can request proxy access at their next LVPG appointment allowing you to schedule appointments, check immunizations records and set up LVHN Video Visits on their behalf. Once your child's photo appears on your own MyLVHN, you will know you have been granted proxy access.

Reasons for a Video Visit:

  • Red eye (pink eye)
  • Cough, cold, flu exposure
  • Neck or lower back pain
  • Urinary problems
  • Ear pain
  • Rash or skin problem
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Insect or tick bite
  • Cold sore
  • Animal bite
  • LVHN Video Visits can also be used for other types of care, including follow-up visits for some surgery patients.

*Must be in the state of Pennsylvania to receive care. Learn more at

MyChart Bedside

If you’re admitted to the hospital, one thing you always need is information. To help you know what’s happening with your care, LVHN now offers MyChart Bedside, an interactive app provided on an electronic tablet.

With MyChart Bedside, you can securely view your inpatient care information, see what’s next, such as lab testing or medications, add notes to ask your health care team, and view vital signs and lab results. You also can request nonurgent care like taking a walk, as well as play preloaded games, or view news programs.

Your inpatient care team will introduce MyChart Bedside to you during admission. When you are discharged, all information is cleared from the device. Then use MyLVHN, your patient portal, for all outpatient care. Both are offered as free services to ensure you know the story of your health.

Log in to MyLVHN best for desktop viewing.

MyLVHN app: best for mobile devices and tablets. Get the free app at Apple App Store or Google Play.

Sign Up for MyLVHN

  1. Instant activation: (within 24 hours of LVPG visit): Follow the link sent by email within 24 hours to reach a sign-up form.
  2. Activation with code: On or MyLVHN app, select "Sign Up Now." Add your MyLVHN activation code (find it on your after-visit summary), along with the requested information.
  3. Activation without code: On or app, select "Sign Up Now," then select "Sign Up Online." Complete the required information. (Required info is marked with red asterisks.*)

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