Kyphoplasty is an advanced surgical procedure for spine compression fractures. At Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), our neurosurgeons use the only spinal neuro-navigation system in the region. This technology provides high-resolution imaging during surgery for safer, more effective procedures.

Compression fractures of the spine can be painful. If medications and physical therapy don’t bring relief, kyphoplasty may be an option.

This minimally invasive compression fracture surgery uses a thin needle to inject a substance into the vertebra (the bony portion of the spine) to strengthen it.

At LVHN, we have the only spinal neuro-navigation system in the region. This sophisticated technology provides high-resolution imaging of the spine during surgery. As a result, we are able to avoid sensitive areas and perform a safer, more effective procedure.

What is a compression fracture of the spine?

A compression fracture is a break in the vertebrae. The cause is often osteoporosis or cancer, both of which weaken the bones.

If nonsurgical treatment methods do not provide relief for the back pain and other symptoms of compression fracture, your doctor may recommend surgery. And at LVHN, we provide advanced, minimally invasive procedures to relieve your back pain.


During this procedure, also called balloon vertebroplasty, your surgeon will:

  1. Insert a needle into the fractured vertebra
  2. Inflate a balloon at the end of the needle to expand the vertebra
  3. Inject a cement mixture through the needle into the space created by the balloon

The cement mixture hardens quickly, stabilizing the vertebra. Many people experience pain relief almost immediately. For others, it can take up to three days to feel relief.

Your doctor will talk to you about whether you need to refrain from certain activities after the surgery.

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