Spinal Instability Surgery

The neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) are experts at spinal instability surgery. We use the latest techniques to provide a precise, safe procedure.

Spinal instability may result from aging or from a congenital problem. Openings between the discs in your spine shift, placing pressure on the nerves. This causes pain in your back and extremities. 

The team at LVHN works with you to find the right spinal instability treatment. 

We are leaders in navigated surgeries, using sophisticated imaging to get detailed views of the area during surgery. We have the only spinal neuro-navigation system in the region, providing real-time, high-resolution images, so we can protect your spine and perform a precise procedure.

If you’ve been diagnosed with spinal instability and your symptoms are severe, we may recommend surgery. Procedures we offer include:

Anterior lumbar fusion

We fuse (join) vertebrae, the bony sections of your spinal cord, to ease pain in the lower back and leg. We typically access the lower back through an abdominal incision. 

Cervical fusion

This procedure fuses vertebrae to help reduce neck and arm pain. We typically access the vertebrae through an incision in the neck. 


This procedure is sometimes called “balloon vertebroplasty.” During this procedure, we insert a needle into a fractured vertebra, place a balloon in the space and inflate it to make the vertebra taller. We then inject a cement mixture through the needle into the space created by the balloon.

The cement mixture hardens quickly, stabilizing the vertebra. Many people experience pain relief almost immediately after the procedure. Learn more about kyphoplasty.

Posterior lumbar fusion

This fusion procedure helps ease pain in the lower back and neck. We access the spine through an incision in your back. 

Spinal instrumentation

We may perform this surgery along with a spinal fusion. Some people who have a spinal fusion need implants in the spine to help steady it while the bone fuses. 

The recovery depends on the type of fusion procedure we performed in conjunction with the type of spinal implant.

Spine rehab

Our rehabilitation specialists customize a therapy plan to help you improve your strength and function.

Read more about rehab

Advanced Spine Center

If you have back pain, call our Advanced Spine Center.

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