General Surgery Residency Benefits

The following program-specific benefits are offered to LVHN general surgery residents in addition to the graduate medical education (GME)-wide salary and benefits.

  • Three weeks of vacation
  • Conference and travel: $1,500 for a maximum of two conferences; up to five days each conference.
    • Second conference granted at the discretion of program director.
  • Subscription to the American Board of Surgery’s SCORE Curriculum
  • Surgical skills curriculum American College of Surgeons membership
  • American Board of Surgery in-training exam

Salary and Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, learn more about the salary and benefits offered to all LVHN employees, as well as to all LVHN residents and fellows.

See salary and additional benefits

Reach out.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our General Surgery Residency Program, contact Program Coordinator Wendy Hess at 610-402-7868 or via email below.

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You may also get information about the residency by contacting Program Manager Kaitlyn Toro at 610-402-1764 or via email below.