Get to know Alayna Craig-Lucas, MD, general surgery resident.

Career goal: To provide competent and compassionate surgical care in northeastern Pennsylvania  

“As a resident at LVHN, you become integrated into a group that ultimately becomes a family.”

What makes your LVHN training program different from others across the country?

Despite being part of a 13-hospital system, LVHN still maintains a sense of community. The LVHN Surgical Residency truly embodies what it means to be a hybrid academic-community center, allowing for the full breadth of clinical experience and research opportunities that large university-affiliated centers are known for while also being highly integrated into the region it cares for.

What has been the most extraordinary part of your training experience so far?

LVHN has a Level 1 Trauma Center, a children’s hospital, a transplant center and Regional Burn Center. The clinical experience and hands-on involvement from day one are unmatched. Very few programs allow trainees to be so highly involved in every aspect of care. I feel grateful every day to work with attendings who are genuinely excited to participate in our education and build meaningful relationships with us along the way.

What is one memory you have from your training so far that will stick with you for your career?

I feel fortunate to have made so many incredible memories already. The first thank you note that I received from a family our team cared for stays close to my heart, though. It’s easy to feel rushed in the chaos of the day-to-day. Staying grounded in patient care by sitting and talking, taking the extra few minutes to explain a procedure again and building a relationship has helped me through the more difficult moments.

What is one piece of advice you would share with someone as they select a training program?

Dig deep into your values and ensure they align with the program you are selecting. No medical training is “easy,” and finding the right fit allows you to have a sense of belonging. For me, it has been essential to have a group of people who push me to grow while also encouraging and supporting me. Take time to ask the questions that will help you determine if a program is a training environment you can picture yourself in.

What does it mean to be a resident at LVHN?

As a resident at LVHN, you become integrated into a group that ultimately becomes a family. Every day we have the opportunity to work alongside dedicated people in a variety of areas of medicine; and for me, so many of them have become great friends at the same time! Being able to call colleagues in a variety of subspecialties and hear a range of opinions has helped me grow both my clinical decision-making skills and also my own perspectives.

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