Internal Medicine Residency Program Scholarly Activity

LVHN is a multi-campus network that cares for a rural, urban and suburban population in the eastern corner of the Pennsylvania. Our flagship campus, LVHN-Cedar Crest, is by bed count one of the largest hospitals in the Commonwealth. As such, it houses our graduate medical education programs and is leaned upon heavily by surrounding community hospitals in our network for our specialty support. We have a high case-mix index on our floors and in our critical care units, reflective of a very broad disease pathology that you will be exposed to during your training.

In this spirit, our residents are routinely encouraged to participate in writing up case reports, to join original research projects and to participate in quality improvement projects.  Opportunities abound in both the inpatient and outpatient settings in this realm.  The availability of clinical trials, advanced technologies and renowned specialists allows our residents to easily prepare for their intended careers in internal medicine, medical education or subspecialty care.  

Residents receive support for writing their research projects through our Network Office of Research and Initiatives (NORI).  We also provide education on drafting research protocols and navigating the IRB process.  Our in-house fellowships also allow residents the opportunity to work directly with fellows and specialist faculty in their intended specialties on writing up case reports and projects early on in their training.  

Quality Improvement education is emphasized throughout our residency training.  Residents will participate in group projects organized through their ambulatory rotations in addition to quality improvement initiatives originating from the inpatient ECLS resident education floor.  Annually the Department of Medicine showcases QI and research projects by residents and fellows.

We believe that active participation in scholarly activity helps build our culture of practice-based learning and systems-based practice in our program.  We further believe that it advances the overall experience for our learners and has proven a key distinguishing factor for them as they embark on fellowship pursuits.  The availability and quality of research opportunities is reflected in our fellowship match data available for review on this site.

Our learners have been published both regionally and nationally the past several years.  We believe in collaboration, not competition, in this space.  We believe you will find great mentorship from our faculty, fellows, administrative team, your senior colleagues and peers in this regard.  

Below is a list of and links to some the projects and publications that have come out of our program:

The Endocrine Society Conference

March 2019:  New Orleans, LA

Authors: Angela Magdaleno, DO, Joseph Scuorzo, DO and Sharmila Koshy, MD
Abstract: Immune Related Adverse Events: Isolated ACTH Deficiency with Nivolumab/ Ipilimumab Combination Therapy.

National American College of Physicians Annual Meeting

April 2019:  Philadelphia, PA

Author: Amogh Joshi, DO
Research: Improving the Efficacy of Chemotherapeutic Agents Through the Use of Stapled Peptide Mimetics*


*Winner of a National Resident/Fellow Research Abstract Award

National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meeting

May 2019:  Boston, MA

Authors: Grace Chong, DO, Wael Hanna, MD, Joseph Scuorzo, DO and Tayyab Ali, MD
Abstract: Acute Kidney Injury and Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) caused by Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis (HGA).

Authors: Joseph Scuorzo, DO, Wael Hanna, MD, Grace Chong, DO and Fredrick Fleszler, MD.
Abstracts: Relapsing HCV Associated Glomerulonephritis Despite Sustained VirologicResponse (SVR) to Direct-acting Antivirals (DAA)

Complex Cardiovascular Catheter Interventional Academy

Advanced Endovascular and Coronary Interventional Global Summit

June 2019:  Orlando, FL

Speaker: Margaret Kluck, DO
Podium Presentation: Lyme-related Vasospasm of multiple Vascular Beds

Speaker: Lekha Racharla, DO
Podium Presentation: Coarctation of Aorta in Adulthood-Successful Endovascular Repair.

American College of Gastroenterology Annual Conference

October 2019: San Antonio, TX  

Author: Reema Vaze, MD, Anam Malik, MD, Ricky Buckshaw, DO, Michal Kloska, MD, Abdul Aleem, MD and Frederic Stelzer, MD
Abstract Title: Intestinal TB in an Immunocompetent Patient.

Author: Anam Malik, MD, Reema Vaze, MD, Ricky Buckshaw, DO and Michal Kloska, MD
Abstract Title: A Case of CMV Colitis Seen in Dress.

Author: Anam Malik, MD, Reema Vaze, MD, Ricky Buckshaw, DO and Michal Kloska, MD
Abstract Title: Small Bowel Variceal Bleeding Successful Treated with Percutaneous Coil Embolization.

Author: Michal Kloska, MD, Reema Vaze, MD, Ricky Buckshaw, DO and Hiral Shah, MD
Abstract Title: 69-year-old Male After Gastric Bypass with Choledocholithiasis Treated with EGDE Procedure Complicated by LAMS Dislocation.

Author: Michal Kloska, MD, Reema Vaze, MD, Ricky Buckshaw, DO and Hiral Shah, MD
Abstract Title: A Rare Case of Biliary Pancreatitis Caused by Ampullary Somatostatinoma in a 46-year-old Female.

Author: Ricky Buckshaw, DO, Anam Malik, MD, Reema Vaze, MD and Michal Kloska, MD
Abstract Title: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia of the Liver: A Rare Cause of Elevated Liver Function Tests.

Author: Ricky Buckshaw, DO, Anam Malik, MD, Reema Vaze, MD and Michal Kloska, MD
​​​​​​​Abstract Title: Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma to the Small Bowel: A Rare Cause of Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

internal medicine residency program scholarly activity 1
internal medicine residency program scholarly activity 2

CHEST Annual Conference

October 2019: New Orleans, LA

Authors: Brian Holahan, DO, Kareem Godil, MD, Nathan Brewster, DO and Jonaid Aslam, MD
Abstract: Concurrent Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia.

Authors: Alaynna Kears, DO, Nathan Brewster, DO, Brian Holahan, DO, Kareem Godil, MD, Brian Civic, MD
​​​​​​​Abstract: Chemotherapy-induced Pseudocirrhosis Resulting in Hepatic Encephalopathy

Authors: John DallaRosa, MD and Breanna Goldner, DO
​​​​​​​Abstract: Abdominal TB: More to Abdominal Masses and Symptoms Than Meets the Eye

Authors: Nathan Brewster, DO, Breanna Goldner, DO, Kareem Godil, MD, Ethan Stern, DO and Jessica Boehmler, MD
​​​​​​​Abstract: Flare of Rheumatoid Arthritis-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease Secondary to Lung Biopsy

Authors: Breanna Goldner, DO, Soorya Aggarwal, DO, Nathan Brewster, DO and Jennifer Rovella, DO
​​​​​​​Abstract: Palpable Purpura, Renal Failure, and Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage Secondary to Streptococcal Mutans Infection: A Case Report

Authors: Breanna Goldner, DO, Soorya Aggarwal, DO, Robert Decker, MD and Alaynna Kears, DO
​​​​​​​Abstract: Common Lab Abnormalities From an Uncommon Source: A Case Report

Authors: Joseph Moran, DO, George Prousi, MD and Ross Biggs, DO
​​​​​​​Abstract: Massive Hemoptysis in the Setting of Acute Mitral Regurgitation

internal medicine residency program scholarly activity 3

Pennsylvania Society of Oncology and Hematology’s Annual Scientific Meeting 

October 2019:  Pittsburgh, PA

Author: Kathryn Kass, MD
Abstract: Stroke of Insight leads to diagnosis.

Eastern PA Regional American College of Physicians Poster and Doctor’s Dilemma Competition November 2019:  Scranton, PA   

internal medicine residency program scholarly activity 4

*Dr. Desire Guthier, Dr. Emilee Kurtz and Dr. Stacey Smith third place award for best clinical vignette.

American College of Rheumatology Annual Conference

November 2019:  Atlanta, GA

Authors: Soorya Aggarwal, DO, Kyle Kreitman, DO, Andrea Soliman, DO, Kourtney Erickson, DO, Abdul Aleem, MD and Marie O’Brien, DO
Abstract: Practice-Based Education Program to Increase Vaccination Rate in Patients on Immunotherapeutic Agents. (HVPAA)


internal medicine residency program scholarly activity 6

American College of Cardiology

July 2020:  Virtual Conference

Authors: Amogh Joshi, DO, Emilee Kurtz, DO, Sagar Vadhar, DO, Tarick Sheikh, MD, Kevin Hess, DO, Tyler Boozel, DO and Yasotha Rajeswaran, MD
Abstract Title: Carcinoid Heart Disease: A Rare Complication of Primary Ovarian Carcinoid Tumor

Authors: Amogh Joshi, DO, Emilee Kurtz, DO, Rebecca Lopes, DO, Tarick Sheikh, MD, Sagar Vadhar, DO and Paul Corotto, DO
Abstract Title: Gilteritinib Mediated Hypothyroidism Presenting as a Large Pericardial Effusion

Authors: Tarick Sheikh, MD, Brian Holahan, DO, Amogh Joshi, DO, Lekha Racharla, DO, Emilee Kurtz, DO, Sara Godil, Md, Paul Secheresiu, DO and Sagar Vadhar, DO
Abstract Title: No Room yo Breathe: A Case of Massive Cardiomegaly Secondary to Rheumatic Heart Disease

Authors: Sagar Vadhar, DO, Ghulam Akbar, MD, Kailyn Mann, DO, Tarick Sheikh, MD, Bilal Saqi, MD, Paul Secheresiu, DO, Lekha Racharla, DO, Damon McEnroe, MD, Preysi Patel, DO, Emilee Kurtz, DO, Brian Holahan, DO, Amogh Joshi, DO, Tom Quinn, DO, Kourtney Erickson, DO, Chris Lenivy, DO, Rob Decker, MD, Shivtaj Mann, DO and Amy Ahnert, MD
Abstract Title: A Red Herring: Patent Foramen Ovale in Recurrent Vascular Thromboembolisms

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