Neurology Residency Curriculum

In the course of the three years of training, neurology residents will see a full spectrum of neurological disorders, including very rare and unusual disorders. Subsequently residents will develop a rich experience in the diagnosis, treatment and daily management of neurological disease. LVHN is an advanced tertiary care network that has a longstanding tradition of quality team medical education, with a core value of faculty at the center. There is a long track record of medical student teaching, training and education within both the neurology department as well as other departments. The Neurology Residency Program is a three-year program beginning at a PGY2 level under the leadership of program director Megan Leary, MD. Residents will learn from varying neurospecialists about stroke care including telestroke consultation, epilepsy care including Level III monitoring, neuro-critical care in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, neuroradiology, pediatric neurology and interventional neuroradiology services.

A variety of elective rotations provide significant unique educational opportunities for residents. A large outpatient adult neurology practice will be the site for the resident’s weekly continuity clinic as well as the outpatient sub-specialty clinic rotation, where residents will gain a unique understanding of the disease-specific care including coordination of care while rotating through the headache center, the multiple sclerosis center (a National Multiple Sclerosis Society-designated Comprehensive MS Center), movement disorders clinic, the neuromuscular disease center (a designated ALS-certified center), the epilepsy center and the cognitive disease center. There are ample opportunities and resources available to residents to participate in research and quality improvement projects during the three-year program. Residents will be well prepared upon graduation to enter into general neurology practice or to continue forward with subspecialty neurology training.

Sample Schedule

July General Neuro Service General Neuro Chief Elective
August Neuro-ophthalmology Pediatric Neurology Stroke Chief
September General Neuro Service General Neuro Chief Outpatient Spclty Clinic
October Epilepsy Service/EEG Vacation/Elective Stroke Chief
November General Neuro Service General Neuro Chief Vacation/Neuro Critical Care
December Vacation/Elective Pediatric Neurology Stroke Chief
January General Neuro Service General Neuro Chief Elective
February Psychiatry Vacation/Elective Stroke Chief
March General Neuro Service General Neuro Chief Elective
April Vacation/Elective Neurophys/Neurorad Stroke Chief
May General Neuro Service General Neuro Chief Vacation/Neuro Critical Care
June Epilepsy Service/EEG Pediatric Neurology Stroke Chief

*Research and ambulatory are scheduled longitudinally. One half-day per week is reserved for resident continuity clinic.

Call is 1:4 nights in house for PGY2 and PGY3 residents. There is no in-house call during the PGY4 year: PGY4 residents will provide back-up call from home.

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