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What Our Fellows Say

“Doing the PCSM fellowship at LVHN was the most fun year of my medical training. Not only did I get to work with sports medicine physicians as well as the orthopedic colleagues, I was also invited to cover a number of different sports/events, which is the best perk of being a sports medicine provider. Our core faculty members are great teachers who allow you to perform procedures at your own comfort level. The PCSM fellowship at LVHN by far and away exceeded my expectations and I would 100% recommend the program to any prospective applicants!”

“This was the most fun and educational year of my life. I was looking for a program where I could learn ultrasound-guided procedures; care for a wide range of athletes; performance optimization; trauma care; and bread-and-butter sports medicine. Getting a personal ultrasound machine was invaluable. However, progressing through the fellowship, I found more things to add to my toolbox. LVHN’s substantial resources allowed me to seek out a graduate level sports nutrition course; learn dental procedures from OMFs; get further training in sports prehab/rehab; and fracture care. This fellowship will prepare you to be comfortably dropped into a multitude of practice types -- orthopedic, sports performance, biologics and everything in between. You will be able to treat the complete athlete from developing nutrition plans, to rehab, to handling mild to severe injuries. But perhaps the most valuable resource gained will be the lifelong relationships you will develop with your attendings.”

“My decision to pursue a sports medicine fellowship with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) was heavily influenced by a brief visiting rotation I completed here during residency. I recognized that I would be placed in an environment with a tremendous amount of firsthand experience, treating a vibrant array of ambulatory MSK concerns. Balancing this autonomy, fellows are placed in the hands of caring, experienced specialists to mold clinical decision-making skills. The wealth of knowledge delivered in a hospitable, friendly approach solidified LVHN as my top choice. The fellowship experience has confirmed these sentiments, and if I were to do it all over, LVHN would be my top choice again.”

Class of 2024

More of What Our Fellows Say

“While I loved pretty much everything about fellowship, my favorite part of the experience was covering my own high school.”

“The fellowship was a great time. I enjoyed that the fellowship had all three levels of sports coverage (high school, collegiate and professional). Go Phantoms! The staff and faculty are awesome and provided great education. If I would go through the fellowship application process again, I would still rank this fellowship No. 1.”

“The best part of the fellowship are Dr. [Neil] Mathews and Dr. [Chelsea] Evans. If you have a special interest or vision for your future career, they will work with you to see it through. Dr. Mathews and Dr. Evans are mentors who stay with you before, during and after fellowship. You’ll have great hands-on experience at the high school, college and professional sports level. All of our core faculty are really invested in you as a person and educationally.”

“My favorite part of the fellowship was the various attendings we got to work with and learn from, and covering the Phantoms was pretty awesome too!”

“My favorite part about the fellowship at LVHN was the breadth of exposure to all aspects of sports medicine. The program afforded me not only excellent mentorship but allowed me to gain exposure to a wide array of different sports, event types and all different event-levels. This collectively helped prepare me for anything that’s come my way since graduating.”

“I was drawn to a fellowship with LVHN because it provided exposure to a wide array of athletics and levels of competition. I feel that this has made me a well-rounded internist and helped launch my career.”

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