Pediatric Rehabilitation

Kids get hurt – sometimes those injuries cause lasting effects. If your child suffers an injury, illness or condition causing long-term symptoms that interfere with daily life, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) pediatric rehabilitation specialists can help.

Just like adults, children can be affected by conditions, illnesses or injuries that cause long-lasting symptoms, like speech impediments, gait problems or coordination issues. At LVHN, our pediatric rehabilitation specialists provide top-notch care to kids from infancy through adolescence.

Thanks to pediatric-specific training, we connect with kids in a meaningful way while helping them achieve rehab goals and hit developmental milestones.

Children’s rehab for a wide range of conditions

Our pediatric rehab specialists care for children with a variety of physical and cognitive impairments, including:

Comprehensive pediatric care team

During rehab, your child receives care from experts from several specialties. We offer:

  • Children’s audiology
  • Children’s physical therapy
  • Children’s occupational therapy
  • Children’s speech therapy

Several convenient locations

We offer pediatric rehab in numerous locations across the region. Whatever your child’s needs, we’re never far away.