Pelvic Floor Surgery

Embarrassing symptoms due to pelvic floor disorders may be hard to talk about, but they’re very treatable. For complex cases, we offer expert care. Our surgeons are skilled in the latest treatments for pelvic floor disorders, treating incontinence and prolapse in new and less invasive ways.

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Pelvic floor disorders are complicated health conditions. At Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), our expert surgical staff with Lehigh Valley Institute for Surgical Excellence is up to the challenge. Our fellowship-trained urologists specialize in treating common and complex pelvic floor disorders.

Physicians from across the state refer difficult cases here because we use the latest surgical innovations and deliver exceptional results. You don’t have to live with disruptive bladder symptoms. We can help.

What is pelvic floor surgery?

A woman’s pelvic floor (your pelvic organs and the muscles and tissues that support them) often weakens after childbirth or with age. When these muscles no longer provide the support you need, you may experience unexpected bladder leaks or other symptoms due to a pelvic floor disorder.

If medication or pelvic exercises aren’t improving your symptoms, your doctor may recommend pelvic floor repair surgery.

Pelvic floor disorders we treat

Our surgeons perform different types of pelvic floor surgeries to treat certain cases of:

Specialized care for complex pelvic floor conditions

Women choose us for pelvic floor surgery because of our:

Surgical expertise

There are a limited number of fellowship-trained urologists nationwide. We offer uncommon expertise in female urology and genito-urinary reconstruction. This training means we can confidently treat both routine and complex cases, with excellent results. Our team of pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeons and urologists is skilled in open, laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques to treat several types of pelvic floor disorders.

Innovative treatment options

We offer treatment options including urinary incontinence surgery and prolapsed bladder surgery that are more precise and less invasive than ever before. Our surgeons use sophisticated robotics technology to increase surgical precision and improve results – meaning more relief with less downtime after surgery. Certain robotic pelvic floor surgeries offer up to a 95% success rate.

Access and convenience

You don’t need to travel far for excellent care. Our experienced surgeons perform pelvic floor surgery at multiple locations across our network, so you can receive care close to home.

Patient satisfaction

Smaller (and fewer) incisions during surgery lead to less noticeable scarring and a quicker recovery. Our enhanced recovery program focuses on getting you moving faster after surgery, which helps you heal.